Thursday 23rd October

558 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 23rd October at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh

Morning presentation

Throne Room- The Air Training Corps
Presenter – Major General John Crackett, Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff

“This will change your life. Your certificate and badge set you apart as members of an elite club. You’ve had new experiences and revealed talents you didn’t realise you had. It’s such a fantastic achievement – congratulations! As your DofE Award has shown you there is a whole world of opportunities and experiences out there for the grasping!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – Central England
Presenter- Jack Osbourne, TV Presenter

“Having the DofE Awards available to our youth is crucial in helping them to set goals and achieve them. I commend you all for being mature enough in making your commitments to your programme and accomplishing your goal of achieving your Gold Awards.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – Central England
Presenter – Vivienne Westwood, Fashion Designer

“The DofE has given young people a sense of achievement and a motivation to make the world a better place. If you have that as your aim in life you won’t go wrong, you’ll do your best. As Gold Award holders you owe it to yourself and the world to fulfil your potential, follow your deep curiosity. Believe in yourself and follow what interests you. The acorn is to become the oak.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter – Charlotte Evans, Paralympic Gold Medallist

“Congratulations to you all, today is all about you. Take in your achievement, whatever happens, whatever anyone says to you, you can achieve your goals -never give up”.

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon presentation

Throne Room- The Air Training Corps

Presenter – Air Commodore Chris Luck, Commandment, RAF College Cranwell

“I am delighted to be here today to recognise your achievements. I truly am inspired by you and what you have achieved. The DofE’s mission is to inspire self-development; the very fact that you are here today has proved that beyond doubt. In you I see young people who have proved their robustness, resilience and resourcefulness; people who are prepared to take on fresh challenges and new skills. As you move into your adult lives, don’t forget to use your experience to not only meet your ambitions, but help those around you too. I wish you all continuing success and fulfilled lives.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – North East
Presenter – Colin Briggs, TV Presenter

“For the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award you set your own syllabus and choose how far you go with it. Congratulations to all Award holders!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – North West
Presenter – Alan Chambers, Adventurer

“I feel very privileged to be here today. Achieving your Gold Award is no mean feat. Your DofE will help you and be the foundation for the rest of your life. This is the start of the next adventure for you. Anything is possible, everybody can learn and everybody can achieve, believe in yourselves. I wish you all huge success!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery- Yorkshire and Humberside
Presenter – Colonel John Blashford-Snell, Expedition Leader, Scientific Exploration Society and Bronze Award holder

“Very sincere congratulations to all the Gold Award holders today. The DofE is about facing a challenge and achieving something remarkable. Don’t stop now, go out into the world and inspire other young people, remember you have a duty to tell everyone what a wonderful programme it is!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Roll of honour: 23 Oct 2014

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 23 October 2014 at St. James’s Palace:



Camilla Adams
Shaun Adams
Robbie Addison
Sarah Addison
Elizabeth Addison
Babatunde Aderibigbe
Nasreen Ahmed
Maryam Ahsan
Jack Allen
Daniel Allison
William James Alms
Oliver Ansell
Scott Archibald
Kim Arnott
Lorna Arundel
Jack Ashcroft
Iona Ashworth
Edward Atkinson
Tara Atwal
Geena Austin
Bethany Rose Louise Aykroyd
David Bacon
Ruth Baillie
Bridget Bale
Sarah Balfour
Emma Ball
Lungmalani Bantawa Rai
James Belt
Sarah Lucy Bennett
Catherine Berry
Jessica Bird
Isabelle Rhianne Bishop
Jordy-Xavier Black
Edward Patrick Blacker
Sarah Boazman
Alexandra Borrill
Joe Bosson
Samantha Jayne Bott
Christopher Botwright
Jennifer Bourne
Samantha Bourne
Christopher Bowerin
Matthew Brady
Hannah Brewis
Maisie Briggs
Samuel Paul Brookes
Liam Brooks
Hannah Brown
Nathan Brown
James Brown
Jasmine Brown
James Bubb
Oliver Burns
Kate Burrell
Elizabeth Butler
Saad Jerri Butt
Joshua Matthew Dennis Cadman
James Morgan Cadreman
Grace Cain
Bethany Campbell
Paul Martyn Campbell
Fiona Jayne Campbell
Matthew Robert Cant
Robbie Cardoso
Samantha-Jane Carter
Matthew Chadwick
Megan Chalmers
Michael Chan
Kishan Chandrakumar
Hannah Chapman
Julia Chen
Eva Cheng
Abby Christen
Jason Clarkson
Harriet Cleminson
Matthew Coates
Glyn Cobourne
Gareth Cocks
Alexander Coker
Elizabeth Connolly
Jacy Conroy
Sebastian Considine
Alexander Considine
Jessica Conway
Melissa Cooke
Connor Coombs
Niamh Frances Cooper
Dean Copeland
Matthew Cordas
Matthew Thomas Court
Miles Crew
Meg Cross
Joanne Crouch
Richard John Da Costa
Matthew David
Catherine Frances Davies
Natalie Davies
Sam Davies
Jai Davis
Olivia Davis
Natasha Davison
Aoife Dawe
Charlotte Dawson
Chelsea Day
Isabella De Rosa
Matthew Dean
Jack Dempster
Naomi Denziloe
Adham Samuel Devenny
Nina Di Cara
William Dickinson
Michael Digan
Thomas Dodge
Alexander Dolling
Bridget Donaldson
Jasminder Kaur Dosanjh
Thomas Doyle
Declan Drewett
Charley Drysdale
Jordan Drysdale
Catriona Duffy
Shannon Dunn
Andrew James Dunn
Ethan Dyer
Christopher Stephen Dyer
Alice Earle
Zoe Ebbs
Sarah Ebsworth
George Edwardes
Aazita Eghbal
Louise Eimermacher
Alexandra Ellison
Emma Elson
Loyd Emmerson
Stephen Essex
Bronte Evans
Alexis Evans
Ian Evans
Tess Everatt
Ruth Farrer
Kathryn Louise Faulkner
Jessica Fell
Gavin Fenton
Lucy Fisher
Oliver James Forder
Michael Hall
Lydia Forsey
Robert Forster
Robert Fothergill
George Foulston
Rebecca Foxell
Rebecca Ann Franklin
Fiona Friend
Josh Furby
Will Gains
Rose Gallaway
Andrew Gamble
Adam Garrard
Naomi Garratt
Hannah Victoria Garvey
Madeleine Gascoigne
Isabel Gee
Johar Ghulami
Matthew Gibbins
Hannah Gibson
Georgia Gidney
Jade Gidney
Georgina Godwin
Ryan Golightly
Heather Goodacre
Michael Goodfellow
Jacob Goodman
Emma Gorst
Jessica Grainger
Samuel Green
Jack Greenall
Bernadette Greenwood
James Griffin
Alexandra Grime
Alexandra Rose Groves
Sean Guggiari
Siddharth Gupta
Heather Guy
Diane Haddock
Fionnuala Halfacre
Jonathan David Hall
Emily Rose Hall
Emma Hallett
Joseph Halliday
Kate Hamilton
Katherine Hanley
Sasha Hanley
Karis Harbertson
Sam-Reece Harborne
Emma Harding
Emma Hargrave
Thomas Harpur
Benedict George Harris
Elaine Harris
Laura Harrison
Jack Harrison
Dominic Heaney
James Hennebry
Eleanor May Herndlhofer
Jessica Violet Herndlhofer
Sophie Hetherton
Alex Hibbert
Joseph Hicklin
Clare Rachel Higgins
Katie Jane Higginson
Devon Hill
Will Hockin
Patrick Hoey
Max Hogan
Lily Holden
Ross Holton
Tom Honour
Kathryn Hughes
Alexa Hughes
Sam Hughes
Mary Hughes
Hannah Hughes
Kate Hull
Joanne Humphrey
Katie Rebecca Hunter
Catherine Iles
Benjamin Inderwick
Lauren Ingrouille
Philip Ireland
Amy Louise Jack
Jessica Jackson
Daniel Jackson
Edward Denley Jaggard
Robert Jarrett
Lucy Elizabeth Jarvis
Natasha Hannah Alicja Jasinska
Abbie Elizabeth Jenkins
Joanna Jennings
Hannah Jilani
James Johnson
Rosalind Johnson
Matthew Johnston
Tara Johnston
Lauren Elizabeth Johnston
Harriet Ann Jones
Stephen Andrew Jones
Georgina Jones
Lucinda Jude
Razina Karim
Alexander Katz-Summercorn
Alice Elizabeth Kaye
Aimee Keir
Sarah Keirle
George Kelly
Rebecca Jayne Kelly
Charlotte Elizabeth Kelsted
Daniel Kerry
Peter Kew
David Kibler
Lindsay Kidd
Rebekah Kilshaw
Christian King
Matthew John King
Daniel John Kinlin
Nicholas Kinsey
Natalie Kneen
William Knox
Neelam Kundi
Daniil Kuptsov
David Charles Nicholas Land
Jack Lane
Charlotte Langridge
Jade Laverick
Stephanie Lawden
Charlotte Le Marquand
Henrietta May Lebeter
Emma Leicester
James Timothy Gordon Lester
Georgia Lightbody
Lewis Lindley
Andrew Lindsay
Katherine Hannah List
Eleanor Lister
Rachel Lock
Robert Lockwood
Samuel Lomax
Sam Longworth
Rebecca Lovelady
Laura Lowes
Sam Lucas
Nathalie Luckhurst
Harry Luckhurst
William Lyst
Adele Mackay
Isaac Mackenzie
Eleanor Mackereth
Shona Macleod
George Edward Oliver MacPhee
Alexander MacRae
Jack Madden
Abi Magrill
Lauren Mainprize
Sammer Majeed
Rebecca Malczewski
Bethany Louise Male
Ibrahim Malik
Hazel Mann
Lucy Marray
Emily Charlotte Marshall
Gemma Rose Marshall
Elena Martin
Aleksis Martindale
Josh Mayers
Jennifer McAlister
Callum McArdle
Joseph McBride
Sally McConchie
Laura Kate McDowell
Juliet McGill
Paul McGonagle
Samuel McKay
Rachael Catherine McKeown
Katherine McLoughlin
Conor James McNicholas
Erin McNulty
Benjamin Mercer
James Middup
Malcolm Miller
David Mills
Claudia Minett
Rupesh Mishra
Molly Mitchell
Helen Mitchell
Liam Molloy
Charlotte Molyneux
Harry Edward Moncur
Christina Moore
Christopher Moore
Daniel James Morgans
Francesca Morrison
Sarah Natasha Mortimer
Andrew Muir
Kelsey Muldoon
Josie Mulhern
Jake Mullins
Samira Munye
Hector Murray
Daniel Murray
Aysha Winstanley Musa
Joseph Napper
Benjamin William Naylor
Harriet Joanna Neale
Sophie Neild-Crabb
Susan Newman
James John Nolan
Sam Norcross
Ami Elizabeth Ogburn
Zhen-Kai Ong
Rachael Ord
Michael Orr
Camila Osborne
Lewis Pak
Hollie Panther
Prajakta Pardeshi
Joshua Parry
Riti Patel
Himaya Patel
Ravi Patel
Jack Thomas Pearce
Elizabeth Pearmain
Jordan Anthony John Pennington
Bethany Pennington
James Peters
Emily Phillips
Jessica Phillips
Jacob Phillipson
Hugh Charles McLaren Phipps
Emma Elizabeth Pickens
Sally Pickin
Will Pickles
Stephen Platt
Katherine Plumb
Bethany Powell
Andrew Powell
Harriet Preston
Rachael Probert
Matthew Kieran Purcell
Christopher Kirk Purcell
Arina Puzriakova
Alan Thomas Quayle
John Frank Radcliffe
Kausala Rajendran
Elysia Rank
Kashana Raveneau
Emily Reader
Rosie Ann Redfern
John Charles Stuart Reid
Raef Reid-Easton
Robert Reiss
Robert Rhodes-Jones
Jack Richardson
Martin Rickett
Sophie Rideout
Jack Rigby
Christopher Roberts
Aaron Robertson
Stuart David Robinson
Lily Mae Robinson
Ella Rogers
Carolyn Rogers
Alice Rogers
Charles William Rounce
Stephanie Rout
Edward Rowe
Emily Clare Rowell
Sneh Rupra
Charlotte Elizabeth Rutter
Dylan Sahota
Jack Sampson
Daniel Sandbach
Jessica Sanderson
Hussein Sanglay
Rohan Ravindranath Sant
Alex Satchwell
Tina Sawyer
Clare Scoot
Victoria Scott
Jack Sedman
Anna Senior
Sonia Shah
Jack Shallcross
Annabel Shankland
Anton Sharapov
Neil Sharma
Chetna Sharma
Sophie Alice Sharman
Janie Catherine Shaw
Karen Jane Shaw
Jun-Gwen Shek
Alex Shipley
Emily Shortall
Emma Shove
Peter Simmons
Rahanya Sivathas
Sithamparanathan Skandan
Thomas Smallwood
Calum Smith
Jack Smith
Jennifer Smith
Ellena Smith
Oliver Smith
Vishal Sohal
Ruairidh South
William Edward Peter Southgate
Lucy Sparks
James Sparshatt
William Speirs
Dominic Spence
Kate Spencer
Jonathan Spragg
Joanna Spreadbury
Thomas Stacey
Will Stanford
Kayleigh Anne Stapleton
Lukas T C Stark
Alexandra Steeples
Katherine Stell
Laura Stenhouse
Kathryn Stockton
Jonathan Michael Stokeld
Charlotte Elizabeth Stringer
Amita Reena Tank
Hitesh Tank
Alex Taschini
Kayleigh-Jayne Taylor
Adam Jonathan Taylor
Harry Taylor
Chelsea Taylor
Alice Teale
Hannah Telford
Samantha Thaxter
Christy Prasanna Thevathasan
James Thomas
Harry Thompson
Emily Thompson
Louise Thomson
Emily Thorpe
Will Thurgate
Georgia Tierney
Hannah Georgia Ellen Tinsley
James Travis
Chaniece Truelove
Jamie Tupholme
Iona Turner
Jennah-Rae Turner
Stephen Twentyman
Henry Tyrrell
Cornelia Van Den Bergh
Jonathan van Der Valk
Adithya Varma
Holly Venditti
Ben Vincent
Matthew Walker
Stacey Walker
Jessica Wallace
Kate Warburton
Matthew Ward
Katherine Ward
Stephen Ward
Jessica Ward
Cdt Sgt Ethan Warr
Thomas Watson
Nicola Watt
Jennifer Webster
Annabel Webster
Daniel Weitzel
Andrew Welsh
Daniella Westbrook
Robin Whelan
Cameron White
Jake Wild
Amy Wildgoose
Hannah Wilkinson
Jamie Willett
Charlotte Lucy Williams
Matthew Williams
Ben Williams
Lucy Williams
Gemma Willox
Kayleigh Willox
Lauren Wilson
Sarah Wilson
Lucy Winder
Claire Winder
Grace Winham
Sarah Louise Winspear
Philippa Wisniewski
Wong, Lut Shu Louis
Timothy Wood
Charlotte Wood
Helena Wood
James Wood
Emily Wood
Bethan Wookey
Charlotte Woolf
Emily Wootton
Callum Wordsworth
Aimie Lucy Worrall
Lucy Wright
Sarah Wright
Amy Lynne Wright
Lauren-Jane Wright
Bethen Ceri Wright
Sophie Wynne
Tianhao Xu
Benjamin Young
Jianan Yuan
Evilina Zalyaeva









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