Thursday 28 November 2013

722 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 28 November at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

Morning Presentation

Throne Room- London
Presenter- Mike Bannister, former Chief Concorde Pilot,

“Achieving your Gold Award is a life moment. I want to congratulate everyone collecting their Awards on their persistence, commitment, determination, effort and energy. You’ve done it! I would now encourage you to give something back, whether that is continuing your volunteering, getting involved with charity work or becoming a DofE Leader, so that others, perhaps less fortunate than you, have the opportunities that you’ve had.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- London
Entrée Room – Honey Kalaria, Dancer and Entrepreneur, Honey’s Dance Academy

“During your DofE, you have learnt many lessons and skills that you can take with you into your future and will help maximise your true potential. Hard work, dedication and focus help you to achieve things and it’s carrying on despite difficult circumstances that make you a winner – you will become role models of who will help to inspire others. One person can make a difference to the world and I encourage you all to dream big and achieve great things.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- Central
Presenter- Professor Howard Williamson CBE, Trustee at the DofE

“DofE has currency and credibility out there – well done to all of you for succeeding through this difficult but rewarding challenge. Congratulations.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter- Lee Mead, Actor and Singer

“I am very honoured to attend this Gold Presentation and proud to present these certificates. As Gold Award Holders you have all worked very hard and taken risks to achieve success. This is just the start of your journey. Congratulations.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – South East/DofE Business
Presenter- Sir Richard Stilgoe, Songwriter

“You have all done fantastically well and we all congratulate you so much. When you apply for a job, your Gold DofE Award is one of the best things you can have. Remember, moving forward from here, at every point in your life there will be a choice of two roads to travel. Always take the road less travelled, the interesting one. Take the chance, it might work!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room- Yorkshire and Humberside
Presenter- Brian Jones, Aviator

“I’m sure when you started the DofE, you weren’t thinking about sitting in the Throne Room and receiving your award, you were thinking about the programme that lay ahead and focussed on actually doing it. It is through perseverance that you have overcome challenges to achieve your Award, for which we congratulate you. Grab opportunities when they come and good luck!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- Central
Presenter- Fiona Phillips, Journalist and Broadcaster

“The fact that you have chosen to do something exceptional like the DofE makes you really special. You have worked hard and shown determination to get here. Because you’ve gone that extra mile, the world is open to you. Congratulations.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- Northern Ireland and Yorkshire and Humberside
Presenter- Leon McCarron, Adventurer and Cameraman

“An adventurous mind set is the most important trait any of us can develop – the DofE is a wonderful catalyst for that. Congratulations on achieving your Gold Award and keep up the hard work.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery- North West
Presenter- Jon Culshaw, Comedian

“What you have achieved is truly incredible. You have climbed hills in wind, rain and sun, helped local communities and done so much that will help you in your future lives. I congratulate you.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – South West
Presenter- Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE, Trustee of the DofE

“Congratulations for being here today. It’s amazing what you have achieved. Going forward, think about all the people who have helped you and try to give something back. Never be afraid to try.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Roll of Honour: 28 Nov 2013

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 28 November at St. James’s Palace:



Rachael Adair
Samuel Addy
Martha Aitken
Ali Al Sayed
Matthew Andrew William Alexander
Katie Victoria Alexander
Usaamah Ali
Edward Charles Roger Allen
Rosie Allen
Katie Allen
George Alliott
Charlotte Alston
James Anderson
Lucy Angus
Bronwen Anwyl
Jacob Armstrong
David Austin
Samiha Azim
Daniel Bacon
Thomas Bacon
Divya Baji
Ruth Hilary Bale
Alexander Ball
Rachel Balmer
Hope Barker
Ciaran Barlow
Charles Barrass-Banks
Conrad Barrington
Thomas Barron
Connor Barton
James Bate
Georgia Bates
Scott Baxter
Lucy Baxter
Adam Baxter
Ryan Baynes
Molly Beardsley
Alex Bearman
Alicia Beaumont
Zoe Beckett
Mark Bedford
Matthew Beevor
Barbara Bell
George Thomas Bence
Francesca Bennett
David Berrill
Katie Helen Best
Laura Biddle
Isobel Billau
Jennifer Billot
Sarah Bingham
Charlotte Bishop
Felicity Louise Blackburn
Joshua Blackburn
Emma Jane Blair
Taylor Blanche
Luke Blease
Rebecca Blundel
Rory Alexander Bonsall
James Bottom
Matthew Bourke
Jae Bowers
Victoria Boyle
Joshua Bramall
Alex Bramley
Rory Brammer
Milaina Bretherton
Daniel Brett
William James Brewer
Joshua Brewer
Oliver Bridges
Chloe Britland
Isobel Britton
Timothy Brook
Daniel J T Brooks
Tom Brooks
Michael Brooks
Benjamin Brooks
Charlotte Broughton
Gregory James Brown
Katie Brown
Rachael Anne Brown
Kate Bruinvels
Faith Bryer-Ash
Peter Buchan
Victoria Burnell
Emma Burney
Laura Bushnell
Taylor Bye
Alice Byrne
Thomas Riley Byrnes
Natalie Sylvia Callinan
Gemma Carmichael
Jessica Cartwright
Michaela Catchpole
Georgina Caufield
Nigel Chan
Ting-Hoi Chan
Kishan Chauhan
Francine Cheese
Kiteny Chen
Jacob Cherry
Hannah Cheshire
Joseph Chomiak
Adam Choudhury
Molly Christian
Emma Jane Cianchi
Francesca Cinderey
Alexandra Clark
Christopher Edward Clark
Alex Clarke
Christopher Harry Clarke
Bethany Ellen Clarke
Stephanie Clarke
Yasmin Clayton
Molly Clinton
Hannah Cochrane
Fiona Jane Coles
Lucy Connors
Emma Cooke
Justin Morris Cooper
Rachel Corbett
Matthew James Corner
Stuart Cossey
Imogen Coughlan
Jessica Coulman
Clare Coulter
Madeleine Courtnage
Peter Craig
Aislinn Crawford
Phillip Crawford
Jessica Cressey
Lyndsay Rachel Creswell
Harry Cripps
Lauren Crosse
Zoe Cuckow
Anna Cuckow
William Culhane
Alex Curran
Peter Jacob Currie
Emma Curry
Oliver Curtis
Henry Curtis
Tom Dalton
Benjamin Daniels
Jason Paul Dass
Stephanie Davey
Helena David
Oliver Davies
Lia Davies
Bethan Davies
Laura Day
Diego de Armas
Daniel Hercules de Kock
Joshua de Wit-Keeling
Rebecca Alice Bemrose Deal
Jack Dean
James Dean
Daniel Dearling
Gareth Deering
Morgan Delaney
Patrick Deneny
Rajandeep Deol
Lucy Depla
Rebekah Dervley
Hollie Erin Devlin
Samantha Diamond
David Dickson
James Digby
Nick Dodds
Laura Doel
Lydia Doherty
Ethan Doherty
Florence Dove
Eleanor Downie
Liza Druce
Oisin Duddy
Benjamin Duerden
Sophie Duffield
Harry Alexnader Dukes
Amy Dunn
Olivia Dunscombe
Tessa Eames
Emily Eastland
Olivia Edgar
Gregory Edwards
Kate Ellen
Charles Emery
Oliver Jacob Emmerson
Katie Enright
Elizabeth Enright
Jenny Etherington
Melissa Evans
Angelica Evans
Emily Evans
Philip Evans
Alex Eyers-Taylor
Alex Facey
Jessica Fairbank
Nikzad Falahati
Ying Connie Fan
Katie Fenton
Shayara Fernando
Adam Fidler
Beth Fiducia-Brookes
Catherine Field
Jessica Filbrandt
Myles Finnerty
Aileen Finnerty
Meghan Fitzpatrick
Sarah Louise Fletcher
Anna Flight
Greg Flynn
Emma Flynn
Imogen Foster
Daniel Fox
Sebastian Fox
Jessica Foxley
Thomas Free
Rosemary Freeman
Elizabeth Fretwell
Eleanor Galvin
Harry Garstka
Lilly Gayle
Imogen Geddes
Oliver George
James Gibson
Elizabeth Gibson
Lucinda Kate Gilbert
Natasha Gillingham
Oscar Gilroy
Henrietta Gittus
Frederick Gittus
Michael Glover-Smith
Emily Goel
Rosalind Goldrick
Thomas Goldsmith
Mary Goodwin
Laura Gordge
George Gordon
Alexandra Catherine Gordon
Steffi Gore
James Gracey
James Graham
Cassandra Graham
William Graham
Dominic Grant
Megan Grant
Daniel Grant
Nicolas Gravely
Sarah Graves
Georgina Gray
Adam Greer
Phoebe Greetham
Hannah Grun
Michael Guilbert
Joshua Gundry
Rachel Gunn
Olivia Gunningham
Elizabeth Hadley
Abigail Haffenden
Daniel Hall
Natalie Hall
Leanne Hamilton
Victoria Jayne Hamlett
Amanda Jayne Hamlett
Peter Hammond
Emily Hammond
Peter Hanks
Patrick Hanna
Camilla Hanson
Aaron Hanson
Andrew Harding
Edward Harker
Christina Harris
Joseph Harrison
David Harrison
Emma Violet Harte
Daisy Hartley
Nicola Hartshorn
Matthew Hastings
Orr Hawkes
Danielle Hay
Cameron Hay
Chloe Hayward
Luke Hazell
Alexandra Healey
Alan Martin Healy
Thomas Hedger
Richard Jeffrey Hewitt
James Richard Higgs
Katrina Hill
Katherine Hiller
Lydia Hiorns
Rebecca Hiscocks
Emily Hocken
Timothy Hodgkins
Giles Hodgson
Oliver Holdsworth
Ryan Holland
Stephanie Hollick
Natasha Hollingworth
Jack Horton
Olivia Horton
Suzanna Houghton
Lucy Houlding
Kieran Howard
Freddie Hull
George Hulme
Lucy Hulme
Susannah Hunt
Felicity Huntley
Emeka Ilogu
Thomas Ingham
Lucy Innes
Samuel Jackson
Lorna Elizabeth Jackson
Bronte Jackson
Francesca Jackson-Spence
Kimberly Jarrad
Emma Jarvis
Clare Jenkinson
Matthew Jennett
Ryan Jess
Ravina Jobanputra
Nikpal Johal
Georgina Johnson
Alice Johnson
Dannielle Jones
Michael Jones
Sarah Leigh Jones
Grace Jones
Eleanor Jones
Lauren Jones
Rebecca Jordan
Isabella Juriansz
Philip Kamuna
Yusuf Karim
Frederick Kearey
Rachel Keeling
Nathalie Kelk
Andrew Kelly
Alexandra Kendall-Smith
Anna Rachel Kendrew-Jones
Florence Kennedy
Henrietta Kenyon Shutes
Jezah Khamisa
Anisa Khan
Nicholas Khoshnaw
Oliver King
Daniel King
Emily King
Helena Kirkman
Jack Kitchen
Laura Klair
Man Wai Margaret Kong
George Kuligowski
Melissa Frances Lamb
Tobias Lambert
Andrew Lamont
Nicola Lamont
Louise Lance
Sophie Lane
Daniel Lane
Meera India Last
Abigail Last
Robert Lawrence
Jennifer Laws
Ruby Marquis Lawson
Mark Lawson
Toby Lebeter
Charlie Leddy
Marvin Lee
Matthew Lee
Jennifer Lees
Katherine Lennard-Jones
Jack Lester
Philip Leung
Ruby Limbrick
Samuel Lippett
Benjamin Lister
Naomi Littleboy
Harriet Livesey
Hugo Lloyd
Alexander Lonsdale
Jemima Lovatt
Philippa Kate Lowth
Fergus Lupton
Calum Macdonald-Ball
Alexandra Macmahon
Feena Magenis
Imogen Mahon
Christopher Mahon
Selena Mae Malone
Louisa Claire Mamalis
Rachael Marley
James Marr
Katherine Louise Marriott
Sophie Alicia Martin
Will Mason
Elliot James Mateus
Ashley Mather
Isabel Rose Mattar
Harriet Louise Matthews
Alexandra Matthews
Eleanor Maume
James McCabe
James McCarthy
Lee McClements
Alex Lynn McCorkell
Aimee Helen McCoubrey
Jonathan R McDaniell
Emma McFarland
Thomas McGaughey
Amy Sara McGregor
Lily McIlwain
Rebecca McManus
Kirsty Elizabeth McMullan
Amy McMullan
Shane McQuillan
Matthew Mead
Zac Menzies
Genna Mercer
Natasha Merrick
Susanna Michael
Roy Middup
Rhian Miles
Edan Miles
Charles Miles-Hobbs
Alice Millar
Jordan Millar
Angus Millen
Charles Miller
Ben Milner
Alexandra Mitchell
Claire Mitchell
David Mitchell
Ruth Mitchell
Bethany Mitchell
Sarah Mitchell
Kieran Mohindra
Chris Mole
Alika-Peach Molloy
Maureen Monaghan
Molly Monroe
Rhys Moore
Ben Morgan
Fraser Morgan
Gareth Morgan
Geraint Elwyn Morris
Elizabeth Morrisroe
Theodore Mould
Eileih Ishbel Muir
Cara Mullan
Rebecca Mullen
Rebecca Muller
Jack Munnings
Samuel Murphy
Eloise Musgrove
Sarah Myatt
Maddi Nadiotis
Thomas Jacob Naylor
Edward Neale
Felicity Nesbitt
Shahidun Nessa
Ed Nicholson
Prajeshan Nirmalan
Hester Norman
Georgia Oakley
Chloe O’Connor
Hannah O’Dwyer
Berlinda Middleton
Callum Okuefuna
Elizabeth O’Leary
Eleanore Olszowska
Rebecca Osborne
Sarah Yasmine Oussena
Megan Kate Owen
Caitlin Owens
Mykolas Padolskis
Matthew Paget
Moira Pain
Emily Palmer
Stephanie Palmer
Jennifer Pardoe
Lucinda Parish
Charlotte Parish
Aimée Parker
Alex Parker
Lula Parris
Elizabeth Partington
Emily Pasquale
Neil Patel
Alexander Payne
Alexander Charles Pearson
Robert Pellow
Dominique Pemberton
Natasha Perera
Francesca Perera
Matthew Perkins
Alexandra Jane Perry
Adam Pettitt
Ben Phillips
Rebecca Phillips
Sam William Phipps
Emma Pickersgill
Susie Pierce
Christopher Pike
Matthew Playforth
Luke Pleva
Robert James Pollock
Jamie Poole
James Pooley
Imogen Victoria Galadriel Porter
Alex Postles
Eleanor Powell
Evelyn Prescott
Charlotte Louise Priddy
Luke Priest
Emma Priestley
Luke Prior
Jessica Pritchard
Hannah Charlotte Procter
William James Philip Quayle
Oliver William Rae
Rumanur Rahman
Musammat Fahmida Rahman
Aaron James Rainey
Joshua Ramsey
Emily Ranson Mason
Fahima Rashid
Meera Ravindran
Lynne Renton
Eleanor Reynolds
Katie Reynolds
Cameron Rice
Harriet Riches
Charlotte Riddick
Antonia Riley
Alexander Riordan
Mari Robakidze
Olivia Roberts
George Francis Clowes Robinson
Emma Rocheteau
Megan Nicola Rooney
Hannah Rottenburg
Holly Roux de Buisson
Jasmine Rowlands
Sam Rowley
Bethany Rudd
Serena Rudgard
Oliver Rusk
Laura Russell
Jordan Matthew Ryan
Daniel Sandbrook
Jack Sanderson
Imogen Sands
Khem Sattaur
James David Sawdy
Alastair Sawdy
Rebecca Damla Saygi
Laura Scoles
Maya Catherine Scorer
Gabriel Seite
Islay Briony Sellar
Lucy Setterington
Imogen Sewell Risley
Shiffa Shahid
Elena Sharples
Eleanor Sharples
Andrew Christopher Shaw
Hannah Dawn Shaw
Joseph Theo Shaw
Rebecca Shaw
Natasha Amy Sheard
Hugh Sheldon
Adam Shelton
Helen Louise Sheppard
Olivia Sherrell
Abigail Shore
Matthew Shuttleworth
Hannah Sibley
Adam Simmonds
Emma Simpson
Teddy Simpson
Emma Simpson
Lydia Singer
Nina Siriwardena
Anna Skene-Hill
Julia Skinner
Anna Elizabeth Skrzypecki
Sophie Small
Charlotte Emily Smith
Adam Smith
Rupert Smith
Rachel Smith
Jamie Smithers
Harriet Smith-King
Kelly Lauren Snares
Sophie Soar
Ryan Soper
Christian Sorbie
Charles Southey-Bassols
Catrin Southgate
Olivia Stables
Eleanor Stamer
Dominique Starbuck
Anna Staufenberg
Clare Steele
Abigail Stephenson
Sophie Nicole Stephenson
Charles Sterne
Alexander Stevenson
Alex Stones
Sofia Cristina Storer
Ajay Suglani
Rachel Melanie Summers
Isabelle Sumner
Matthew James Sunter
Elliott Swallow
Alisdair Swindells
James Szepietowski
Rubinder Kaur Takhar
Adam Takila
Abigail Tanguy
Alexander Tate
Phoebe Tatham
Hannah Taylor
Finnoula Taylor
Jessica Taylor
Hannah Taylor
Jack Templer
Andrew Thomas
Christopher Thompson
William Thompson
Cherith Thompson
Sam Thompson
Harriet Thompson
Nithin Thoppuram
Matthew Gregory Thornes
Timothy Thorowgood
Craig Threadgold
Callum Tilling
Laura Rose Tonna-Barthet
Jack William Trendall
Ellie Trezise
Uday Krishna Tuladhar
Sophie Clare Tumber
Charlotte Turner
Benjamin Twigger
Kendra Tye-Page
Rollo Uloth
Alexander Upstone
Mohammed Usman
Alexander Valente
Robert Ventham
Ronak Vithlani
Rebecca Vorley
Peter Jacob Richard Robert James Wade
Emily Wain
Samuel Walters
Elizabeth Ward
Holly Wardlaw
Isabella Warner
Samuel Warren
Hannah Watkins
Callum Nicholas Watson
Katie Watson
Alex Watts
Natasha Watts
Hugh Robert Webb
Fiona Catherine Webber
Clare Alexandra Webster
Emma Welch
Zoe Weller
Sarah Wetton
Laura Lyn White
Rebekah White
Rebecca White
Bryony Whitehead
Callum Whiteside
Rosemary Whitfield
David Whitlock
Lewis Andrew Whitman
Eleanor Whittaker
Ruth Whittaker
Alyssa Whittam
Timothy Whybrow
Thomas Wiacek
Ross Wick
Emma Wilcock
Riah Wilkinson
Laura Wilkinson
Tom Williams
Daniel Williams
Rhys Williams
Nathaniel David Graham Williams
Clare Williams
Mark Williamson
Andrew Williamson
Elizabeth Kathleen Williamson
Bethany Wilson
Eve Marie Windsor
Luke Winwood
Paul Witney
Jeremy Wong
Si Yin Georgina Grace Wong
Brittany Rowena Wood
Michelle Wood
Oliver Wood
Alexandra Wood
Charlotte Wood
Katie Woodcock
Amelia Woodhouse
Rebecca Frances Woodward
Eleanor Woodward
Simon Woollatt
Samantha Wright
Michael David Yaxley
Harriet Yeldon
Kathryn Ann Young
Martin Young




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