551 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on Tuesday 7th July at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Earl of Wessex.

Morning presentation

Throne Room – National Organisations
Presenter – Stephen K. Amos, Comedian

Stephen told the Gold Award holders: “This morning is about you guys and celebrating your achievements. Very well done! Embrace and celebrate it, enjoy and have a good time!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – South East
Presenter – Mr Andrew Jaye, Sports Presenter and Silver award holder

Andrew told the Gold Award holders: “The DofE gets you out of your comfort zone. I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone as much as possible. It is the best way to experience the world and really find out who you are and who you can be. When an employer hears you are a Gold Award holder, that stands out. I’m still using the skills I learned from the DofE in my career today.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South East

Presenter – Mr Christopher Martin, Ocean Rower

Christopher told the Gold Award holders: “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award gives you a sense of who you want to be. It shows you have incredible dedication and commitment to set yourself a challenge and see it through to the end.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter – Professor Brian Cox

Brian told the Gold Award holders: “I am here today because I am genuinely in awe of the students, these young people that have achieved their Gold Award. It is a tremendously difficult thing to do. The DofE gives them self-confidence as well as teaching teamwork and learning to lead. It’s achieving these difficult things that allow you to achieve more difficult things in the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – National Organisations

Presenter – Amy Williams, Olympic Gold Medallist and Bronze Award holder

Amy told the Gold Award holders: “It’s really lovely being here today. Congratulations to you all – what a huge achievement. Well done! I got my Bronze Award many many years ago. The experiences you are going through now will have a huge impact on what you go on to do. You will find that fire inside you to push and achieve what you believe in. I know how much hard work you’ve put in today and I am honoured to be here. Always give it everything and grab everything with both hands. I wish you the very best of luck with whatever you go on to do.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – South West
Presenter – Mr Richard Whincup, Lecturer at Hartpury College and Gold Award Holder

Richard told the Gold Award holders: “Very many congratulations. I know exactly what you’ve been through, it’s a very proud achievement so well done. You’ve developed yourself and skills for your future. Going forward I’d say put in more than you take out. Good luck on your journey, whatever direction you take. As I know, you don’t have to play the cards you’re dealt with you’re in control of your lives.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – Northern Ireland

Presenter – Mr William Millard, Presenter and Journalist

William told the Gold Award holders: “A DofE award isn’t just a line on your CV – it’s the children you coached who didn’t listen to you, the hours you spent juggling your activities with schoolwork, the skills you’ve learned and the friends you have made – and no one can take that away from you. Never believe anyone who tells you the world is not worth exploring. Sometimes you just have to have the courage to go forward – even if it means you might fail – you just need to embrace the unknown.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – North of England

Presenter – Mr Justin Packshaw, Explorer, Entrepreneur and Gold Award Holder

Justin told the Gold Award holders: “This is a great honour for me as it only seems like a handful of years ago that I was where you are now receiving my award. What you have done is extra-ordinary and we are all very proud of you. You have shown that everything is possible and all you have do is believe in yourself and follow your dreams. Remember to keep striving to be the best that you can be and a guiding light to others. The world is your oyster.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Hall of Fame - 7 July

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 7 July 2015 at St. James’s Palace:




Lucy Adkins
Eleanor Aldridge
Melanie Diana Smith
Elizabeth Allday
Annabel Allen
Amelia Anderson
Philip Anderson
Neil Anderson
Matthew Andrews
Joel Andrews
Jack Andrews
John Archer
Javier Ash
Jennifer Aspden
Courtney Aston-Briscoe
Lauren Attree
Callum James Aughterson
Isobel Avery-Phipps
Arissa Azamtu
Hannah Badawy
Helen Baddeley
Leah Baillie
Anna Baines
Gugandeep Banga
Conor Bannister
Briony Barber
Meghan Barlow
Alice Barnett-Jones
Joseph Barr
Ruth Bates
Callum Bates
Amy Bates
Karen Batten
Joanna Beach
Emily Beaty
Lucy Beckett
Isobel Beech
Lauren Benbow
Rebecca Bennett
Georgina Bennett
Andrew Bennett
Jack William Bennion
Jennifer Bentley
Joshua Beresford
Imogen Berryman
Noé Bersier
Zofiyah Betker
Amy Bettam
Annie Bewick
Alexander Bignell
Jack Bingham
Alice Bjaaland
Leanne Black
Daniel Blackmore
Rebecca Blagg
Emma Bleasdale
Merlin Sebastian Blockley
Callum Blunt
Heather Anne Boagey
Joshua Boorman
Emily Booth
Peter Boothroyd
Stephanie Bradbury
Hope Olivia Jane Bradley
Jacob Brewin
Robyn Bridges
Megan Brittan
Sophie Britton
Polly Brooks
Nicola Brown
Andrew Brown
Samuel Brown
Mark Brownlee
Paul Brownson
James Bulman
Hannah Louise Burden
Henry Burnell
Erin Megan Burnside
Ross Busby
Ian Butler
Amy Butt
Charlotte Byrne
Michael Cairns
Isaac Calderwood
Christopher Callaghan
Lauren Cameron
Lyndsay Cameron
Isobel Camidge
Laura Kate Cannon
Rebecca Carberry
Alejandro Grant Carruthers-Hierro
Jessica Carter
Matthew Carter
Madeleine Chalmers
Lauren Chambers
Georgia Chapman
Jack Chilcott
Benjamin Chilton
Lillie Chopamba
David Clarke
Tom Clarke
Thomas Clarke
Jane Clarke
Kerenza Clements
Sophie Clifford
Simon Cockcroft
Emelia Cole
Rhiannon Cole
Ben Coles
Charlotte Colling
Paul Cooker
Nathan Cooper
Megan Coppack
Briony Corbett
Alice Corbin
Benjamin Core
Daniel Corless
Amy Elizabeth Corley
Lucy Crossan
Louise Crossan
Harvey Cumming
Imogen Cummings
Cameron Cundill
Rachael Curlett
Tiras Dainty-Share
Stephanie Dale
Andrew Daley
Amy Dallison
James D’Alton
Joshua Datta
Annie Davies
Sarah Jane Davies
Janet Davies
Kate Davis
Alexander Howard Day
Jessica Denman
Lucy Devine
Laura Dewhurst
Rebecca Dingemans
Joseph Dixon
Lauren Doble
Katie Downes
Heather Dudley
Katherine Dunkley
Sarah Louise Edge
Matthew Edmondson
Sarah Ann Elsley
Paul Emmanuel
Anna Faulkner
Laura Fearick
Anna Fearnall
Lucy Fearnall
Faye Fearon
Jacqui Fee
Jacob Andrew Fernihough
Laura Ferris
Laura Flaxman
Cory Flint
Lauren Forbes
Jonathan Foulkes
Francesca Frangiamore
Rachel Frost
Erica Fyffe
Rafaella Galdeano
Heather Gallagher
Samuel Gallagher
Luca Galvani
Harley Gavey
Alison George
Leonie Gilbert
Kerry Ann Gill
Natasha Marie Gill
Christopher George Sean Gilmartin
Alice Gilson
Julie Girvan
Sarah Michelle Girvan
Sophie Godwin
Chanel Goodman
Emma Goodwin
Alex Gordon
Joseph Gough
Sophie Gradden
Lydia Grant-Jones
Freddie Gray
Lucy Green
Elizabeth Greenwood
Ben Griffiths
Cherelle Griffiths
Russell Grim
Leah Grimshaw
Katarina Zofia Autumn Grobicki
Matthew Grozier
Paul Gueneau
Ryan Haigh
Mairi Alexandra Hale
Benjamin Hall
Imogen Hanson
Herbert Harford
Anna Harrington
Sophie Harris
Lucy Harrison – Brown
Katie Hart
Laragh Harvey-Kelly
Izzy Hatrick
Anna Grace Hayburn
Eleanor Hayward-Stott
George Adam Hazeldine
Edward Healey
Hugo Heard
Catherine Jane Hearst
Matthew Heater
Kate Hebditch
Martin Hewlett
Josh Hiddlestone
Amy M Higginbotham
Fiona Alice Hill
Thomas Hill
Lauren Hill
Annabel Hill
Jenifer Louise Hine
Michaela Hine
Kezia Hobson
Liam Hodgetts
Nicola Hodson
Niamh Hoey
Katie Holden
Anna Holder
Martyn Holloway-Neville
Hannah Holmes
Becky Holmes
Beth Hoolahan
Daniel Hose
Ellie Humphries
Kelly Humphries
Andrew Hunter
Rachel Hunter
Katey Melanie Ikin
Gavin Irvine
Ella Irwin
Hannah Irwin
Lydia Isted
Grace James
Daniel James
Christopher James
Rebecca Jamison
Robert Jamison
Lucy Jenkinson
Sophie Johnson
Lynsey Jones
Bethan Angharad Jones
Elizabeth Abigail Jones
Rhiannon Jones
Phillippa Jones
Eleanor Jones
Megan Jones
Helen Jones
Megan Jones
Jillian Jean Jones
Linzi Jones
Sam Kapadia
Matthew Kaut
Holly Kay
Harriet Kaye
Amy Kearton
Joel Kendrick
Ellen Olivia Kershaw
Adam Keys
Anah Khan
Jessica Kinsey
Katie-Jayne Kirk
Emma Kirk
Victoria Elizabeth Kirkwood
Julia Kolker
Arun Kundi
Jack Laird
James Lalyk
Richard Lancaster
Samuel Langan
Hannah Langford
Alex Larrett
Natasha Larrett
Jake Lawley
Hannah May Lawrence
Natalie Lawton
Gareth Leddy
Charles Lee
Elizabeth Lee
Erin Lee
Patrick Leeson
Hilary Leeson
Charlotte Leigh
David Lenon
Keren Nicole Lewis
Rebecca Anne Link
Sarah Lister
Alice Louise Littleworth
Jack Littleworth
Sarah Felicity Lloyd
Amy Lloyd
Claire Lloyd
Ashleigh Lockett
Caitland Lomas
Harriet Loney
Adam Longwell
Rory William Gary Longwell
Tom Longworth
Sam Lote
Harry Love
Kirstin Lovell
Jack Samuel Lucas
Hannah Lumb
Matthew Roy Lusted
Zoe Lyon
Nicole Lyons
Simon Macdonald
Ailsa MacNaught
Jade Madden
Phoebe Madden
Naomi Magowan
Rachel Hannah Maguire
Kyle Malcolm
Simran Mann
Sophie Margeson
Charlotte Marsh
James Martin
Hayley Masters
Shaun David Matthews
Sarah McAfee
Rachael McAlister
Kara McCarthy
Hannah Emily McClay
Claire McClintock
James McColl
James McConnell
Sam McCumiskey
Eleanor McDermott
Nicola McElroy
Edward McGowan
Alasdair McGregor
Laura McGugan
Hannah McIntyre
Robert McKay
Sarah McKay
Andrew McKibbin
Luke McMillan
Katie McNamara
Claire McNeill
Paul Mearman
Caitlin Mellon
Benjamin Menhennett
Lynsey Millar
Alexandra Miller
Thomas Mitchell
Melanie Lyla Montgomery
Victoria Elizabeth Montgomery
Caroline Morgan
Daniel Mounter
Caitlin Muller
Catherine Murphy
Bethan Murray
Emma Murray
Lucy Murrell
Peter Nathanail
Emma Shelley Naylor
Rebecca Neary
Amy Neild
Richard Nichols
Stacey Nicoll
Sarah Nock
Tom Nokes
Gail Norris
Darcey North
Jennifer Nunn
Redmond John O’Connor
Frances of Mar
Catherine Ollerhead
Keira Onanga
Sarah O’Neill
Melissa O’Neill
Mark Ormsby
Guy Orton
Fern Osborne
Robert Palin
Christy Palmer
Zubin Parekh
James Parker
Jack Parker
Lucy Anna Maureen Parkinson
Samuel Parr
Kate Parry
Alexander Pass
Paavan Patel
Elicia Payne
Sally Payne
Arabella Pearson
Autumn Leigh Peck
Elizabeth Pegg
Samuel Penney
Hayley Pickering
Lucinda Pidgeon
Abigail Piercy
Callum Pinches
Hollie Pitt
Kristian Plender
Emily Plumb
Alexandra Poole
Rose Pople
David Power
Katy Preece
Alistair Prentice
Oliver Press
Hannah Price
Emily Rae
Thomas Rastall
Thomas O C Ratcliffe
Joshua Rathbone
Matthew Raymond
Abigail Rees
Jessica Regan
Thomas Retallick
Olivia Revans
Thomas Reynolds
Phil Reynolds
Megan Mary-Ann Rhoden
Olivia Rhys-Evans
Georgina Rice
Edward Richardson
Laura Rigby
Hannah Riley
Ted Riley
James Riordan
Peter Riordan
Kyle Matthew Rits
Owen Roberts
Fiona Mary Alice Roberts
Alexander Robey
Alison Louise Robinson
Lily Roff
Elena Romano
Jennifer Ruglen
Olivia Sabin
Michael Salem
Harkiran Kaur Sandhu
Alice Saunders
Hannah Schofield
Anna Katharine Schofield
Kristofers Scipanovs
Olivia Scott
Jonathan Scott
Matthew Scott
Indunee Chanukya Seneviratne
Alistair Shaw
Michael Sherratt
Abigail Shine
Michael Sidwell
Dan Simon
James Elliot Simpson
Edward Slawson
Jack Smedley
Adam Thomas Smith
Helen Smith
Ciara Smith
Nathan Smith
Emily Smith
Amber Smyth
Jaspreet K Sohanpal
Lucy Speller
Alexander Spittle
Emma Sproule
Cameron James Starkey
Natalie Starkey
Andrew Steel
Joshua Stein
Oliver Stein
Nicholas Stott
Rachel Stuart
Clare Suiter
Laura Sutcliffe
Miles Sutton
Katie Sutton
Sam Swindell
Sophie Catherine Swinhoe
Adam Robert Symington
Suzanne Taylor
Phoebe Terelak
Thurein Thant
Michael Thomas
Josh Thomas
Max Thornton
Alex Thornton
Lucy Thornton
Amanda Thursby
Pippa Tigwell
Christopher Toner
Alexandra Jayne Tootill
Nikolas Trifunovic
Arthur Tuohy
Nicola Turner
Henry Turner
Lucy Tyler
Sarah Unsworth
Daniel Vanhinsbergh
Philip Vokes
Ryan George Wale
Saoirse Walker
Elliot Walker-Fifield
Imogen Wall
Mitchell Wall
Paige Wallace
Sarah Wallace
Charlotte Wallace
Ruth Zillah Wallace
Danielle Talbot Ward
Ashleigh Watson
Sarah Watson
Philippa Watson
Suzanne Watson
Ellie Weaver
Richard Webb
Chloe Rosalynn Webb
Benjamin Webber
Elin Webster
Sam Welbourne
Luke Weller
Peter Wheatley
Catherine Wheeldon
Chloe White
George Whitehouse
Jack Whitwell
Michael Wilkins
Jonathon Wilks
Lucy Willcocks
Rebecca Willetts
Jayne Williams
Ellie Williams
Alexander Williams
Robert Williamson
Robyn Willis
Hannah Leah Wilson
Chris Wilson
Anna Rea Wilson
Ryan Winter
Emily Wolford
Sarah Woods
Jared Stanley Wray
Kirsty-Nicolle Wright
Georgia Wright
Lucy Wright
Grace Elizabeth Shewry Wright
Angus Young
Tom Young











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