Recruitment presentation templates

If you’re looking for an easy way to give an overview of what the DofE’s all about, our downloadable PowerPoint presentations do the job.

They explain the fundamentals of each Award level, and include our recruitment films.

There are two versions for each level – a shorter one (about four minutes long) and a longer, eight-minute version.

Each can be downloaded below in three formats:

– With a link to an online version of the film (useful if you have an internet connection when presenting).

– With the film embedded, for when you don’t have an internet connection (please note: these are large files).

– As PDFs.

How can I use them?

If you’re holding a virtual recruitment meeting, share your screen and talk attendees through the presentations – including playing the film.

You can also share the PDF versions by email, so participants and parents or carers can read through them themselves.

When social distancing eases, these are great for showing at in-person events where you want to introduce potential participants and families to the DofE, or to a new Award level.

Feel free to tailor them to suit your school or organisation and your audience.