It’s clear that the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak is going to be long-lasting and that this is going to affect the ability of DofE centres to run expeditions over the coming months.

Young people across the UK have worked hard to complete their Skills, Volunteering and Physical sections, and continue to do so in these unprecedented times.

We want them to be recognised for their amazing efforts and achievements even if social distancing, personal circumstances or other challenges mean it’s not possible for them to do an expedition and/or residential at Gold, and therefore achieve their Award, over the next year.

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To this end, we’ve extended our accolade that recognises the fantastic accomplishments of these young people – the ‘Certificate of Achievement’.

For the next academic year, certificates will be available to all participants who have completed their Skills, Volunteering and Physical sections at Bronze, Silver or Gold level, but haven’t been able to do their expedition and/or residential because of the pandemic. Any young person who enrols before 31 July 2021 will be eligible for a Certificate of Achievement.

The Certificate will be a formal recognition, by the DofE, of their dedication to their programmes and everything they’ve achieved through these three sections, as well as their resilience in coping with ongoing uncertainty.

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Added to young people’s CVs or personal statements, it can act as a talking point and help highlight the many skills and useful experiences they’ve gained.

We know many young people will want to continue their programme and do their expedition and/or residential when it’s safe and possible to do so. We would absolutely encourage this – they’re hugely valuable experiences that develop vital skills and character.

All young people who receive the Certificate can go on to complete their expedition and/or residential at a later date, and would then achieve their DofE Award.

Read more about the certificates and who will qualify.

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