Wednesday 10 July 2013

692 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 10 July at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Earl of Wessex

Morning Presentation

Throne Room – London
Presenter – Tom Avery, Polar Explorer

“DofE Gold Award Holders stand out from the crowd, it’s a fantastic award to have and to use on your CV. Grab opportunities, live you lives to the fullest and have no regrets!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room – Central
Presenter – Professor Howard Williamson, Trustee of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

“The DofE is very meaningful – I hope you will use the DofE as an engine to take you forward to bigger and better things! I have absolute conviction that you will be making important, positive contributions as a result of the DofE Award.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room – Central
Presenter- Mariella Frostrup, Journalist and TV presenter

“As an agony aunt, I receive countless letters from men and women, girls and boys struggling to find a path for themselves, these young people have already put their feet firmly on solid ground, I salute them for what they’ve already done and look forward to witnessing what they set their minds to next.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter- James McNeill, Explorer and Gold Award Holder

“My DofE set me up for life, the characteristics and resilience you have learned will make you better people in your community and you have been nurtured, through your DofE, to be good citizens. Keep up your wonderful work and be successful leaders as well as nice leaders!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – South East
Presenter- Simon Yates, Mountaineer

“I’ve loved the day and it’s amazing to see all the achievements of these young people.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Northern Ireland
Presenter – Richard Franklyn, Mountaineer and Award Holder

“Doing the DofE gave me the teamwork and leadership skills I use on my expeditions today!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- Yorkshire and Humberside
Presenter – Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Prize winning scientist and Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Holder

“It’s great to celebrate all that you’ve done. It’s a fantastic effort and you should be really proud. I’m very honoured to be here with you. I learnt a lot through my Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards and it’s stayed with me, your experience will stay with you too. Keep curious, there is so much that is wonderful in the world and all your work will pay off. Many congratulations!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- South West
Presenter – Benjamin Mee, Director of Dartmoor Zoo and Journalist

“DofE stretches you because you have to adapt to each challenge and you can’t get through it with one preconceived strategy, you have to look listen and change your perspective and yourself by the end of it”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – North West
Presenter- Rachel Smith, Adventurer and Olympic Torch Bearer

“Approach everything in life like you have your DofE; plan it, break it into bite size chunks and go do it. As an owner of a business having The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award on your CV, especially Gold, will make such a difference. You won’t believe how much difference it makes.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – Wales
Presenter- Gaby Roslin, TV Presenter

“I’m delighted to be asked back to present these DofE Awards again. It’s always so inspiring to meet the young people and hear their stories. It’s very tough out there at the moment for anyone, especially young people, and these guys have proved that they’ve got what it takes, they are our future and I feel very safe in their hands.”

Listen to Gaby Roslin interviewing a DofE participant on BBC Radio London about the GAP in London on 10 July 2013, and of her Gold Award experience…

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Roll of honour: 10 July 2013

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 10th July at St. James’s Palace:



Tessa Abbott
Zara Abdalla
Aly Sherif Abdelfattah-Elmakhzangui
Elinor Abraham
Andrew Ross Adair
Joshua Adejokun
Isabelle Ainsworth
Hannah Aird
Ellen Airhart
Jennifer Akerman
Mark Albion
Emily-Jane Allbrighton
Pennelope C P Allman
Harriet Allsop
Diana Almazova
Caroline Elizabeth Florence Alms
James Altunkaya
Edward Paul Ames
Megan Ameye
Caili Anderson
Andrew Brian Annett
Amira Arasteh
Jonathan Arditti
Sophie Arme
Lucinda Armstrong
Daniel Arnold
Nirmala Arulampalam
Philippa Ashcroft
Alice Ashpitel
Charlotte Ashton
Danny Ashworth
Helen Ashworth
Vidish Athavale
Francesca Athies
Annabel Atkins
James Atkins
Charlotte Beth Austin
Matthew Austin
Sabrina Aziz
Alice Baatz
Tobias Paul Bachra
Daniel Peter Bailey
Nicola Bailey
James Baker
Samuel Harry Jon Barber
Rebecca Jane Barker
Imogen Barker
Ellen Rose Barlow
Emily Barlow
Aaron Barnes
Jason Barnes
Timothy Barr
Gabriel Barr
Katie Barrowclough
Natasha Irene Barton
Emma Batchelor
Daniel Bateman
Bradley Bates
Joshua Bates
Theophilus Bathurst
Tommy Battle
Troi Baxter
Hugh Bayley
Gabriel Bean
Barney Beauchamp
Eleanor Beaumont
David Bell
Thomas Cade Bend
Edward Bennett
Leo Bennett
Thomas Bent
Brittany Berry
Joe Berry
Joseph Blackburn
Kerwin Blackburn
Connie Blake
Jazmine Blake
Rachael Blood
Christian Blood
Jacob Bloodworth
Lauren Bodie
Nicholas Andrew Bolwell
Emma Louise Bonner
William Bonner
Amy Bookham
Calum James Robert Boothroyd
Constance Bowkett-Pritchard
Paul Bradshaw
Michael Brain
Lucy Kate Bramhall
Kirsty Branch
Jenna Brasier
Seren Bresner
Sam Brewer
Tiffany Brice
Stephen Frederick Bridges
Rachel Briggs
Alexander Britt
Nicola Britton-Williams
Jacob Broadbent-Allen
Alan Brook
Nina Brown
Charlotte Brown
Megan Brown
Charlotte Browne
James Brunault
Stephanie Buan
Esther Buckley
Lia Bucks
Claudia Buffini
Alistair Bull
Oliver Bunting
Seth Burkett
Emma Burridge
David Butler
Jake Edward Dennis Buzzard
Natalie Bye
Danielle Byrne
Katrina Caldwell
George Camamile
Sara Campbell
Emma Campbell
Rian Campbell
Richard Carey
Oliver Carins
Josh Carter
Rory Castle
Georgina Catlow
Rosemary Tabitha Catherine Chalker
Sinead Elyse Chamberlain
Elizabeth Chamberlain-Keen
Joseph Tsang
Kerry Chaplin
Alys Chapman
Rosanne Chapman
Claire Victoria Chapman
Charlotte Charles-Phelan
Melissa Charlton
Hannah Jane Chidgey
Nak Hyun Choi
Katie Clark
Harry Claxton
Louise Cliff
Emily Clifton
Tess Cohen
Laura Jill Cole
Rory Collett
Sophie Collin
Samuel Collins
Christopher Conder
Emily Cook
Chloe Cook
Richard Cooke
Alexander Cooksley
Taliesin Coombes
Helen Cooney
Robert Cooper
Eleanor Cornwall
Hollie Cosgrove
Mollie Coucill
Alexander Coulson
Matthew Keith Iain Cox
Thomas Cragg
Sarah Cran
Nicole Elizabeth Crawford
Roseanna Isobel Crawford
Sara Crimes
Thomas Henry Crook
Laura Cross
Alice Florence Amelia Crouch
Emma Croxton
Annie Flora Cudmore
Edward Curtis
Christian Daly
Malina Dana
Lauren Daughtrey
Christopher Peter Davenport
Tessa Sian Davies
Heidi May Davies
Olivia Davies
Frances Ann Davies
Isobel Suzanne Davies
Lucy Davies
Danielle Day
Jonathan Day
Annabel Louise Dereham
Ranulph Diggins
Sophie Dillon
Rosemary Dingle
Stephanie Dion-Jones
Eleanor Dixon
Thomas Louis Adam Dobson
Claire Dobson
Laura Donoghue
Megan Doyle
Harriet Drouin
Sharul Dube
Tom Duncan
Victoria Kate Dunnett-Kane
Timothy Durant
Catherine Mary Dynes
Kelsey Dyson-Fleming
Stuart Edmonds
David Nathaniel Edwards
Francesca Edwards
Joshua John Elliott
Sionedd Ellis
Jack Ellis
Victoria Ellison
Alexander Elsey
James Emerton
Natalie English
Aaron Robert English
Luke Enticknap
Nicole Louise Evans
Erin Evans
Harley Evans
Victoria Eves
Alexander Eze
Megan Farmer
Chloe Jayne Farrar
Ellena Farrow
James Ferguson
Laura Louise Ferry
John Finlay
Joshua Samuel Firth
Jeremy Fisher
Rosie Fletcher
Richard Flint
Harriet Flooks
Emily Ford
Michael Ford
Cherith Forrest
Kimberley Emma Foster
Joseph Fox
Helena Francis
Christopher Frisby
Harry Alexander Blaise Fryer
Takehiro Fujita
Catherine Fuller
Amelia Gall
Kelli Gallacher
Larissa Gardner
Timothy Garnett
Zoe Garrod
Oliver Garrod
Amy Garstang
Saad Ghaus
Rachael Gibson
Allister Gibson
Annabel Gill
Amelia Girling
Abigail Louise Goddard
Isabelle Godfrey
Thomas Golden
Gemma Golding
Sabrina Goodchild
Katie Gotham
Katie Louise Gough
Gabrielle Rhea Greathead
Sophie Victoria Green
Emily Louise Green
Matthew David Nicholson Green
George Greenhill
Elly Greenway
Ross Greenwood
Keith Greer
Jennifer Beth Greet
Richard Grew
Oliver James William Griffin
David Griffiths
Heather Griffiths
Jonathan Grilli
Myah Guild
Joshua Hagger
Alicia Hague
James Hamilton
Charlotte Hannah
Edward Hardy
Lucy Hare
Rosemary Harker
Rebecca Alexandra Harris
Catherine Louise Harris
Samuel Guy Alexander Harris
Mathew Harrison
Daniel Robert Harrison
Sian Harvey
Walid Hassoon
Alexandra Mary Hastings
Elliott Hayden
Katherine Emily Haylor
Samuel Head
Jennifer Sara Heap
Angharad Heard
Abigail Heath
Peter Hedley
Eleanor Rose Hendicott
Aidan Heron
Millie Hickinbotham
Emma Hide
Chloe Hill
Thomas Craig Hindley
Clarissa Hocking
Hazel Louise Hodges
Sophie Hodgson
Christopher Hodkinson
Robert Hodkinson
Rory Hogan
Cameron Hogg
Harry Houghton
Chantelle Elizabeth Howell
Elizabeth Anne Poynton Hubberstey
Annie Huckstep
Mark Hughes
Michael Humphreys
Katie Hunter
Amina Hussain
Timothy Husselbury
Georgina Hussey
Tom Hutchinson
Anna Hutchinson
Daniel Hyndman
Yvonne Michaela Ingels
Benjamin Ingledow
Francesca Ingram
Samuel John Irvine
Richard Jackson
Sarah Emily Susan Jackson
Stefan Oliver Jellinek
Nia Jones
Aled Daniel Jones
Emily Jones
Gwenllian Wyn Jones
David Norman Jones
John Jones
Heather Louise Jones
April Jones
Sebastien Jones
Eleanor Jayne Jones
Siân Eleri Jones
Imogen Jones
James Keitley
Kirsty Kelsey
Hermine Kerjan
Caroline Amanda Kesterton
Emma Rachel Kettley
Ailsa Kiely
Simon Killips
Gillian King
Bethany Kirby
Alexander Kirk-Patrick
Nick Kitchen
Crystal Knight
Laura-Rose Knight
Daniel Knighton
Jessica Kravetz
Conor Lambe
Enya Siobhan Niamh Landman
Sophia Landon
George Lane
Emily-Rose Lannon
Charlotte Lauder
Helen Lawrence
Yasmin Layouni
Katherine Leach
Stacey Lee
Andrew Legassick
Michael Legg
Allison Lester
Andrew Lincoln
Gethin Llewelyn
Joseph Loftus
Martin Ludenbach
Edward Luff
Bethan Lyons
Jasmine Lyster
Elspeth MacDonald
Peter Machin
Alexander MacKenzie
Ailsa MacLachlan
Riona MacLachlan
Catherine Macleod
Jessica Macready
Jamie Alexander Magee
Vijay Maharajan
James Mainwaring
James Major
Adrian Malakouti-Heshjin
Ellis Mallett
Rebecca Malynn
Lucy Mandelj
James Mankelow
Lars Mann
Nathan Mansell
Charlotte Marshall
Kyla Dee Marshall
Daniel Martin
Jason Martyres
James Oliver Maskrey
Oliver John Matthews
Clare Maurer
Callum May
Hannah May
David Samuel John McBriar
Claire McCarthy
Matthew William McConnell
Jonathan McCormick
Alex McCraith
Abigail McDonald
George Andrew McDonald
Bridget McDonough
Thomas Patrick McFall
Abigail McKay Hipwell
Fabian McKenzie-Smart
Ross McLean
Alexander McMullan
Alice McMurdo
Christopher-Cameron McNaught
Cameron McPake
Peter Meachin
Hannah Kate Melbourne
Jacob Melling
Rhea Menezes
Jack Millar
Peter Miller
John Miller
Brittni Milner
Smitesh Mistry
Kiran Neil Mistry
Meenaxi Mistry
Stacy Mitchell
Adam Michael Monk
Steven Moon
James Morgan
Tace Morgan
Charlotte Morris
Elizabeth Morris
Jenny Victoria Morris
Henry Moulton
Aden Mshana
Lara Mujico
Philip Mulligan
Chloe Murphy
Karthigaayini Nadanakumaran
Andrew John Napier
Dan Nash
Myra Nasim-Mohi
Sharmaine Nethercott
Thomas Jack Newton
Rebecca Nicholl
Kerri Nicholson
Matt Nicolls
Sam Nixon-Eckersall
Rebecca Nottley
Jason Nugent
Allan John Ogilby
Jeremy Ogilvie-Harris
Sophie Alexandra Oldfield
Lisa Marie Oliver
Amy Oliver
Rhys Olley
Lucy Olsen
Matthew Owen
Rebecca Victoria Paden
Rhys Anthony Painter
Shamus Palmer
Caroline Park
Siamac Parker
Jennifer Parsons
Rianna Xia Patel
Polly Francesca Pattinson
Rosanagh Paul
Thomas Pearce
Jack Peate
James Peet
Amelia Pemberton
Iestyn Lloyd Penry-Williams
Sarah Catherine Percival
Holly Joanne Percival
Lucy Perry
Georgia Perry
Cameron Peters
Olivia Pfeil
Megan Philip
Edward James Phillips
Helen Phillips
Benjamin Thomas Pickering
Richard Pike
Jack Pizzey
Oliver Pollock
Emily Poultney
Katherine Pound
Jamie Powell
Nicola Sophie Power
Callam Poynter
Adam Pratchett
Joseph Michael Prescott
Lucy Price
Rebecca Price
Adrienne Pritchard
Connie Prudden
Hannah Louise Prydderch
Rebecca Pugh
Charlotte Pugh
Amy Pulsford
Laurel Tara Lawlor Quinn
Thomas Rady
Adam Chad Raftery
Georgina Rainer
Amy Dawn Ralph
Oliver Ramirez
Matthew Ranger
Oliver Ranson
Evangeline Adelaide Rata
George Rawlins
Alex Ray
Edward James Reckless
Joshua Redding
Saskia Reed
Freddie Reed
Jordan Reed
Lucy Anna Rees
Owen Rees
Rebecca Lauren Reilly
Tilly Renyard
Christopher David Rhodes
Erin Rickard
Laura Gaby Riley
Sarah Ritchie
Jillian Robb
Steffan Lawton Robbins
Mathew Roberts
Ffion Roberts
Lucas Roberts
Sally Roberts
Angus Roberts
Gregory Roberts
Grace Robertson
Anna Robinson
Katherine Louise Romain
Harrison Roocroft
Emma Roper
Susannah Ross
Philip Ross
Timothy Rosson
Leanne Royle
George Royle
Thomas Rudenko
Emily Russell
Michael Sadler
Vibhav Sajjan
Chloe Nicole Salisbury
Sara Emma Dorothy Sands
Connie Mary Sansom
Jennifer Sansom
Elliott Scott
David Scott
Adam Scott
Samuel David Scott-Perry
Madeleine Scoular
Michael Scrase
Sarah Secker
Iain Sexton
Flo Seymour
Dipti Shah
Joseph Shannon
Eloise Sharma
Thomas Sharp
Laura Megan Sharples
Ella Sharrock
Dale Shaw
Joanne Shaw
Susanna Shearer
Zoe Marie Shelton – Smith
Victoria Shelton-Smith
Zoe Louise Shepherd
Alexandra Kristina Sherenco
Charlotte Shilton
Emily Grace Silcock
Sukhveer V. K. Singh
Katrina Sissins
Amelia Skelding
Forrest Skerman-Stevenson
Chanelle Smith
Katherine Smith
Rebecca Smith
Alexander Martin Grant Smith
Joshua Smith
Sam Smith
Samuel Alan Latham Smith
Krzysztof Sokol
Rachael Spanton
Anna Sparks
Eilidh Sproul
Oliver Stansfield
Imogen Elizabeth Stead
Edward Stephens
Robbie Stephenson
Anna Steward
William Stewart
Isabel Stewart
Grace Stocker
Jade Stephanie Stokes
Nathalie Rose Straker
Eleanor Strutt
Callum Stubbs
Emily Stubbs
Sophie Swaile
Steven Wilson Swann
Alexandra Swets
Angeli Sonya Tank
Nina Tanna-White
Eleanor Tanner
Jude Taylor
Rob Taylor
Robert Taylor
Richard Taylor
Matthew Thomas
Sam Matthew Thompson
Bethan Thomson
Stephanie Jayne Todd
Joel Toms
David Robert Howard Tooth
Sarah Katherine Town
Hannah Trafford
Katie Marie Travas
Chloe Treasure
Beatrice Hannah Trigg
Lucy Troman
Rosanna Helen Troth
Hannah Elizabeth Truman
Samantha Tuddenham
Roseanna Tuohy
Chloe Turnbull
Katherine Turner
Rebecca Turvill
Samuel Tweed
Jonathan Twigger
Anoushka Twining
Sophie Valentine
Ella Vickers
Jasmine Vigneau-Singh
Jan Graf von der Pahlen
Simone Wainwright
Olivia Wakefield
Tom Wakeham
George Wake-Walker
Naomi Ward
James Ward
Abigail Ward
Alasdair Wardle
Benjamin Warr-Jones
Sarah Watson
Jenny Webb
Natasha Weglarz
Christopher Wenborn
Holly West
George Westwood
Helen Whall
Charlotte Whincup
Eddie Whitehead
Alice Whitley
Joseph Whittingham
Magalie Whitton
Emma Wilkinson
Tomos Williams
Bryn Howard Williams
Marcus Williams
Ross Henry Williamson
Frances Wilson-Morkeh
Lily Windebank
Hannah Jade Mehmi Winton
Catherine Woffenden
Katie Wood
Lucy Wood
Kirsty Jayne Woodford
Brendan Woolcock
Harry Woolcott
Charlotte Wright
Sophie Wright
Thomas Cooper Wright
Francesca Wyatt
Wai-Ming Yap
Katrina Yavash
Gregory Yianni
Alice Young
Chuyan Yu
Alexander Rafik Zahr-Iddin
Chuer Zhang
Andrey Zyuzin


Gold Award holders on camera

See what some of the Gold Award holders who attended the presentation think of the DofE…

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