Hall of Fame: London 11 March 2015

576 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on Wednesday 11th March at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh

Morning presentation

Throne Room – Central
Presenter – Charles Pitcher, Adventurer and World record holder

Charles told the Gold Award holders: “I’ll never forget how important the Gold DofE Award was back in my day and how important it is today. You are an inspiration to your generation and you should be immensely proud of your achievements. They will open up doors for you in the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – Central
Presenter – Jim Rosenthal, Sports presenter and Gold Award Holder

Jim told the Gold Award holders: “The DofE has been going for nearly 60 years now and it was 50 years ago that I received my own Gold DofE Award. I am fantastically proud of my DofE and I always get a real thrill presenting Gold Awards to young people. This is one of the great days for all of you collecting your Awards today so saviour it and drink it in – I have no doubt that you’ll all go far.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – Scouts
Presenter – Edward Coats, Doctor, Adventurer, and Gold Award Holder

Edward told the Gold Award holders: “Being a Gold Award holder myself, I am truly inspired by these DofE Presentations. The stories you hear are so diverse and that is what makes the DofE”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – South East
Presenter – David Walliams, Actor and Comedian

David told the Gold Award holders: “Congratulations to everyone here today, what an incredible achievement! There’s something very special about DofE Award holders – their capacity to help others. It’s an amazing attribute that I hope you carry forward to the rest of your lives. Whilst the DofE is great to have on your CV to help you get a job, I think the most important thing is how much you’ve grown as people. The hard work and dedication that you’ve put in counts for so much and sets you up for a very successful future.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – South West

Presenter – Phil Brown, Olympic Silver medallist, 1984 4×100 relay race

Phil told the Gold Award holders: “The DofE is a great way to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. The Award is for everyone from all walks of life, no matter what your circumstances are. The DofE is not only recognised by Universities and employers but it makes you challenge yourself. You have to adapt and change but the experience will stay with you and I hope you will use it is a force to take you forward to bigger and better things in the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – Central

Presenter – John May, Secretary General of the International Award and Gold Award Holder

John told the Gold Award holders: “It’s a real pleasure to be with you today. I can still remember every single moment of my expedition – I’m sure you can too. The DofE is an extraordinary thing and you’re now part of an amazing family. Through it you have had the opportunity to find something out about yourself and you deserve to be celebrated. Congratulations!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room– Scouts

Presenter – Phil Packer, Scout Ambassador

Phil told the Gold Award holders: “It was a privilege to present Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards at St James’s Palace. The smiling faces of the recipients which turned into gasps of amazement when they walked into their Presentation Room clearly made their day an unforgettable experience. Their joy in receiving their awards truly encompassed what the DofE means to them. I felt proud and honoured to be part of such a special occasion”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – North West
Presenter – Ken Hames, TV Presenter and Adventurer

Ken told the Gold Award holders: “I commend you all for an incredible achievement. The DofE is about bringing young people together and helping them to fulfil their potential. You now as Gold Award holders can lead the way for new and current DofE participants and drive the talent of future generations.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Roll of honour: 11 March 2015

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 11 March 2015 at St. James’s Palace:




Dawn Abbott
Kate Abel
Alicia Ackroyd
William Henry Adair
William Adams
Daniel Adams
Tabitha Adams
Afzal Ahmed
Ali Ahmed
Bradley Aisthorpe
Rebecca Alexander
Cameron Alexander
Nicholas Allen
Dominic Allison
Jessica Allmark
Gregory Anders
Emily Anderson
Richard Anderson
Philippa Anderson
Jonathan Andvig
Piers Julian Angeli
Luke Ardill
Connor Armstrong
Rosemary Atkins
Jade Atkinson
Leanne Atkinson
Sherran Aujla
Helen Baddeley
Jade Ella Bailey
Georgiana Baker
Andrew Ball
Alexander Bamber
Daniel Banks
Amy Bannister
Georgia Bardua
Oliver Barker
Hugo Barkshire
Joanna Barnes
Iain Barnett
James Barnett
Lorna Barry
Faye Barry
William John Bates
Lauren Bates
Jordan Baxter
Hannah Jessica Beard
Rachael Beattie
Stephanie Beaumont
Kate Belford
Miranda Bell-Davies
James Leo Bell-Winfrow
Hayley Bench
Ashley Benn
Timothy Bennett
Philip Bennett
Anastasia Bennett
Arkaash Bennett
Jessica Benson
Jonathan Bentham
Alice Berry
Andrew Eric Best
Jacob Bestwick
Pavinder Bhangu
George Bignold
Christopher Billington
Charlotte Bladon
Eleanor Blakey
Jessica Bland
Max Blighton
Christopher Bloomfield
Harriet Blundell
Samantha Blundell
Lucy Boatman
Nathaniel Bond
Ailsa-Rose Booth
Naomi Booth
Alexander James Booth
Kelsey Borrer
Thomas Bourner
Antony Bowker
Rachel Boyd
Joseph Brader
James Braithwaite
Peter Bramwell
Edward Bray
George Brennan
David Timothy Brett
Steven Bridge
Oliver Bright
George Brill
Adam Bristow
Daisy Brittain
Megan Brittan
Alasdair Broadbent
Lauren Broadfield
Sarah Broadhurst
Elizabeth Broderick
Henry Brooke-Dean
Jake Brooks
Christopher Brooks
Oliver Brown
Catherine Brown
Ellen Brown
Vanessa Brown
Jacob Browne
Sarah Bruce
Alexander Brunning
Molly Brydon
Emma Buckland
Kay Burgess
Katie Burke
Simon Burns
Alastair Burrow
Robert Burrow
Annabel Burton
Louise Burton
Alex Burton
Claire Bustin
Harriet Butland
Sarah Elizabeth Butler
Thomas Kieran Callan
Rosie Callan
Natalie Calthorpe
Katie Cammack
Annie Louise Camp
Adam Carling
Lottie Carter
Victoria Cartmell
Suzannah Cassels
Connor James Cassley
Eloise Chambers
Rina Chan
Stuart Charlesworth
Tiffany Charnley
Jack Chatten
Shivali Chavda
Jessica Cheadle
Siqi Chen
Lalitha Cheruvu
Stephen Chessum
Olivia Cheung
Jonathan Churchill
Eleanor Clapp
Elizabeth Clark
Jessica Clarke
Joshua Clarke
Liam Clarke
Isabelle Cleaves
George Cledwyn-Davies
Emma Cledwyn-Davies
Ryan Clyde
James Cockerill
Hannah Colclough
Georgina Coleman
Jacob Collett
Rory Collier
Olivia Collins
Lily Colman-Goff
Isabel Connolly
George Cook
Nicola Cooke
Henry Court
Emma Cousins
Claire Couves
Sarah Jane Cowell
Christopher Craig
Timothy Cranfield
Rebecca Creamer
Edward Da Fonseca
Klara Daily
James D’Alton
Matthew James Danby
Georgina D’Arcy
Kirsty-Leigh Dare
Robert Darnton
Rhea Dattani
Michael Davidson
Lowri Davies
Sophie Davies
Rhodri Davies
Jordan Davies
Hannah Davies
Robert Davis
Edward Davis
Alice Davis
Laura Day
Heidi de Sousa
Toby Dent
Lucie Denton
Maria Derakhshan
Jake Dewbery
Ashwin Dharmasingham
Luke Diana
Eleanor Dillon
Rachel Dimery
David Docherty
Taj Dogra
Alec Doody
James Douglas
Sarah-Jane Dove
Matthew Drinkhall
Rosie Duckworth
William DuGard
Kevin Dumble
Sean Dunne
Ruth Dunstan
Austen Dyer
Henry Eades
Alexander William Eaton
Alice Eckett
Grace Edmondson
Kadri Eek
Edward Ellams
Oliver Robin Elshout
Zoe Embleton
Bethan Entwistle
Aimee Evans
Joseph Evans
Sam Evans
Sean Evans
Andrew Evans
Liam Eve
Hugo Evoli
Richard Exelby
Gary Fagen
Luke Fakes
Samuel Falconer
Sam Fares
Anna Fedenko
Janine Fergus
Mark Ferrey
James Ferries
Alannah Fillingham
Hywel Finden-Browne
Lucy Findlater
Nathan Finnis
Jessica Fitzgerald
Kieran Flannery
Alisha Fletcher
Alex Fletcher
Anna Rebecca Clare Foat
Flora Foreman
Benjamin Forrest
Mark Forster
Hugh Fortescue
Clare Fortune
Jonathan Foulkes
Lauren Fraser
Phoebe Fryer
Harrison Celt Gabriel
Imogen Galsworthy
Elliott Galvin
Thomas Gandeborn
Amy Garcha
Sowmya Garikipati
Daniel Garrett
Jessica Gauld
Daniel Gee
Petra Gent
Clara George
Larissa Gibb
Henry Gibbons
Amy Gibbs
Michelle Gibbs
Emma Laura Lucy Gillett
Lydia Gillibrand
Emily Glanville
Georgina Gleave
Michael Glover
Phoebe Gold
Rory Goldring
Matthew Gooch
Beth Goodman
Hugh Gordon
Lucy Gosling
Ryan Gowler
Ellen Gowler
Christopher Grattidge
Anthony James Gray
Poppy Greacen
Stefanie Green
Samantha Green
Sebastian Green
Joseph Green
Amanda Green
Kelly Greenbank
Hannah Gribble
Thomas Griesbach
Gage Anthony Griffiths-Paylor
Lewis Shaun Griffiths-Paylor
William Grigsby
Katherine Grimstone
Alexander Grimwood
David Guest
Suista Gurung
Sarita Gurung
Tiffany Haggith
Ashleigh Jane Hale
James Halfhide
Kelly Hall
Danielle Hall
Jack Hall
Meghan Dorothy Hallatt
Rebecca Halton
Georgina Harbottle-Sellens
Charles Hard
Chloe Jane Hardiman
Alice Harding
Beverley Hardwick
Alastair Robert Hardwick
Nicholas Richard Hardy
Amy Hare
Aron Hare
Victoria Hargreaves
Charlotte Harland
William Harland
Angus Harper
Claire Harper
Abbie Harris
Edward Harris
Andrew Harris
Clare Harris
Rosie Harrison
Leonora Harrison
Charlotte Harvey
Jessica Harvey
Muhammad Kamrul Hasan
Thomas Haswell
Zoë Haswell
Rhiannon Hawthorn
George Frederick Hayward
James Heasman
Archie Heaton
Rowan Prescott Hedley
James Henderson
Kathryn Hennessey
Ashley Hepworth
Angela Herbert
Stephanie Hershaw
Daniel Heydecker
Molly Hickey
Andrew Hickman
Josie Higgins
Tobias Hill
Freya Hill
Katherine Hilton
Caitlin Rebecca Hinchliffe
Louisa Hirons
James Hoare
Ross Hodgkins
Jennifer Hodgson
Islay Hodkinson
Claire Hogan
Rebecca Holdsworth
Alexander Hollingsworth
Anna Hollis
Andrew Holmes
Matthew William Rowland Holmes
Emily Hoogkamer
Sarah Hopkins-Weaver
Imogen Horn
Abigail Joanna Horton
Luke Howard
Alex Howard
Yuhan Hu
Kirstie Zhen Huang
Ben Hughes
Mary Elizabeth Hughes
James Humby
Shaun Humphreys
Adam Humphries
Anwar Hussain
Rebecca Charlotte Kate Illidge
Georgina Inglis
Nicholas Ingram
Alison Irwin
Isabel Irwin
Catherine Irwin
Katie Isard
Ernestas Jackevic
Jemima Jacobs
Harriet James
Owen James
Benjamin Jarman
Luke Jennings
Ruth Jennings
Lewis Jobson
Lorea Johnston
Rachel Johnston
Lucy Jones
Chloe Jones
Holly Kay
Ashley Kayser
Daniel Keir
David Kelly
Luke Kerr
David Kirk
Amy Knight
Isabelle Knight
Aneeta Kumar
Ameeta Kumar
Mayur Kumar
Amit Kurani
Andrew Kwong
Pascal Lamb
Jennifer Lambert
Joanna Lampard
David Lang
Serena Langham
Mahnoor Latif
Alexandra Lavelle
Madeleine Lavery
Robert Law
Stephanie Lawrence
Robin Leaper
Sacha Lee
Charles Lee
Thomas Lee
Georgia Helen Lee
Andrew Leech
Joseph Leeming
Katie Legg
Bradley Lelliott
Rhea Leslie
Jessica Sha Lester
Sui Wai Alex Leung
Chelsea Leung
Hao Chen Li
Susanna Libby
Sung-Yeon Lim
Edward Lindley
Emma Louise Lindsay
Hannah Linger
Frankie Lister-Fell
Amy Llewellyn
Kirsty Lloyd-Jones
Ashleigh Lockett
Mollie Lockett
Polly Lockyer
William Loftus
Harry Long
Adam Longhurst
Jack Luckhurst
James Luff
Conrad Lummus
Matthew Lynes
Hamish Mackay
Camilla Mackay
Emily Alice Mackin
Conor Maher
Nicholas Mainwaring
Lauren Maitland
Kishan Makwana
Jennifer Malings
Jed Maliyil
James Malpus
Sophie Mamalis
Steven Mansell
Louise Manson
Charlotte Manton
Elizabeth Frances Manton
Natasha Marchant
Isla Markham
Emma Marriott
Daniele Aissatou Eva Marta
Lauren Martin
Isabel Martin
Natalie Martin
James Matthewman
Robert Maunders
Leah McArdle
Gus McCulloch
Nicole McCulloch
Craig McGregor
William McKerracher
Alistair McMaster
Katie Mellor
Oliver Middleton
Eliza Middleton
Matthew Mildon
Jennifer Miller
Hannah Mingay
James Misra
Jemma Mitchell
Maxwell Justus Mitchell
Matthew Mollart
Aimee Mollart
Emma Molloy
Freddie Moore
Olivia Moore
Christopher Moore
Harry James Cavan Morgan
Alannah Morrow-Jones
Sophie Moseley
Esme Alice Moss
Ella Mountbatten
Daniel Mulvihill
Olivia Murphy
Dominic Murray
Samantha Nelson
Jonathan New
Alexandra Newbery
Harriet Newman
Madelyne Newnham
Alice Nicholas
Alex Nixon
Lucy Norman
Alaina Norris
Jason North
Victoria Rose Nutter
Christopher Oates
Jessica Omassoli
Timothy Orchard
Dominic O’Shea
Kathryn Ottley
Emily Owen
Helen Owen
Jodie Palmer
Ben Parker
Toby Parker
Jessica May Parkes
Jacob Parrott
Huw David Parry
Jenna Patel
Grace Elizabeth Roux Pattinson
Michael Pearson
Oliver Peel
Emily Pegg
Oliver Pemberton
Nicholas Pendleton-McGrath
Laura Pennells
Anastasia Pennick
Ella Grace Pennock
Anna Pepper
Natalie Pepperell
Harry Percival
Veronica Peters
Robbie Phillips
Connor Phillips
Rebecca Jane Phillips
Eve Phillips
Lisa Catherine Phipps
Emma Sophie Pickering
Fran Pieczarka
Emma Pigott
Alicia Polley
Simon Pontin
Callum Pooler
Mark Powell
Ryan Powell
Charles Preston
Emma Preston
Joseph Price
Lydia Price
Anastasia Prindezis
Amy Pritchett
Shannon Prudom
Benjamin Pryce
Jack Pullen
Luke Pullman
Alexandra Quinn
Philippa Anne Radford
Roderick Tain Ramsdale-Capper
Jack Ranby
Phil Ratliff
James Raval
Fatimah Ebrahim Ravat
Penelope Ray
Sarah Ray
Emily Redman
Alexander Reed
Charles George Mitchell Reed
Henry Reidy
George Repard
Nathaniel Revell
Michael Reynolds
Hannah Rigby
Max Ring
Jason Roberts
Wendy Robertshaw
Max Alexander Robertson
David Robertson
Tom Roche
Shaun Rodriguez-Brown
Lucy Rogers
Amy Ross
Angus Ross
Izabau Rothman
Thomas Round
Stefanie Rowland
Alexandra Rule
Graham Peter Russell
James Russell
Jessamine Ryde
Clara Sage
Will Sales
James Sanderson
Rosie Sanderson
Amy Sanderson
Thomas Saunders
Dan Scales
Eleanor Schamroth
James Scott
Paul Scott
Katie Scott
Sascha Scutt
Raveena Seeruttun
Vanshi Shah
Akila Raisa Shakir
Ruth Sharma
Dev Sharma
Emily Sharratt
Isabel Shaw
Liam Shelmerdine
Alice Sheppard
Ashley Shirtcliffe
Laura Silovsky
Arthur Silverberg
Leah Silverwood
Richard Simpson
Matthew Simpson
Jessica Simpson
Aaron Singh
Nirankar Singh
David Slater
Jacob Small
Calum Smart
Theodore Smith
Edward Smith
Madelaine Smith
Daniel Smith
Alexander Smye
Harry Snape
Katherine Sopwith
Ondrej Soukup
Alice Jayne Helen Southwell
Oliver Spearing
Thomas Spink
Gregory Spratt
Kelly Louise Spry
Jennie Stanford
Emma Steele
Samuel Steers
Alex Stephens
John Stephenson
Keara Stirling
Harry Stockwell
James Stephen Stott
Flora Strachan
Charlie Street
Eleanor Stringer
Alexander Strong
Zoe Elizabeth Sturgess
Hannah Susnjara
Mary Sutherland
Stephen Sutherland
Mary Sutherland
Stephen Sutherland
Anna Sutton
Joshua Swetnam
Charlotte Swift
Imogen Swift
Alexandra Joy Swift
Muhammad Abu Bakr Syddek
Ruth Patricia Sykes
Tomasz Szymaniec
Kiran Kaur Tagger
Henry Tarr
Bethany Rose Taylor
Isobel Thomas
George Thombs
Dunstan Thompson
Jack Thompson
William Thorley
Jessica Thorne
Shannon Thurairajah
Max Thurlow
Matthew Tidman
Emily Tiernan
Rachel Todner
Saul Tomlin
Danielle Toogood
Lewis Toogood
Rosie-May Tortice
Anna Frances Townley
Georgina Townsend
Harry Peter Townsend
Katie Trewin
Charles Trollope
Cameron Trotter
ShihLin Tseng
Ben Turner
Alisha Turvey
Sam Tyler
Laura Upstone
Hannah Upton
Kayleigh Marie Urquhart
Philomena Vaz
Christopher Vaz
Laura Venables
Alice Verrill
David Viney
Grace Vobe
Honour Wainwright
Jonathan Waldren
Alec Walker
Kate Walklate
Connie Wallwork
Eleanor Walton
Lewis Warburton
Sally Ward
Jessica Katharine Sarah Warren
Rebekah Warren
Joseph Robert Watson
Christopher Watson
Nicholas Watton
Emma Watura
Jessica Weaire
Samuel Weaver
Alexander Wells
Jessica Wevill
Edward Wheatcroft
David Wheatley
Victoria Ellouise Whelan
Laura White
Anna White
Lydia Freya Whiteoak
Lottie Whyman
Thomas Wild
Matthew Williams
Gemma Williams
Helen Williams
Joe Wilson
Katherine Wilson
Naemie Wilson
Christopher Wilson
Fiona Wilson
Christopher Winstone
Erika Woodbridge
Harry Woodhead
Tom Woollard
Daisy Woollard
Marcus Woolley
Benedict Wootton
Rowan James Harris Wright
Emma Wrixon
Rosie Yeoward
Mollie Zalas
Abdulla Zaman
Fahad Zia









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