London 15 November 2016

558 young people collected their Gold Award Certificates on Tuesday 15th November at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Morning Presentation

Throne Room – Army Cadets and Girlguiding

Presenter – Gyles Brandreth, Journalist and Broadcaster
“I salute you. What you have achieved is amazing. You rose to a challenge, shared a common purpose and achieved your Gold Award.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Entrée Room – South East

Presenter – Darcey Bussell, Retired Ballerina
“I am incredibly honoured that I am here today to see you all collect your gold awards and meet The Duke of Edinburgh. Enjoy all the challenges that you have learnt and focus them on your path. Congratulations to you all.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South East

Presenter – Charley Boorman, TV Presenter, Travel Writer and Actor
“Congratulations on such an incredible achievement. You will always remember these experiences – the bits that went wrong and how you got out of them. It’s amazing what you have done. When we employ people we look on their CVs and having your DofE is a big thing – it means a lot. It will always help you in your future.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Picture Gallery – Central England

Presenter – Becky Mantin, TV Presenter
“Committing to something for 18 months is absolutely extraordinary. Your limits are only what you believe them to be. Whatever it is that faces you next, you know you were the person that can and has overcome challenges.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Boys’ Brigade, Army Cadets and Girlguiding

Presenter – Sarah Outen, British Athlete and Adventurer

“You’ve now got the confidence and mind opening inspiration to leap forward to wherever you want to go in the world.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Entrée Room – Wales

Presenter – Victoria James, Adventurer
“Congratulations to you all. Achieving your Gold Award allows you to aim high, seize new opportunities and push yourself further than you ever thought possible.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Queen Anne Room – North of England and DofE Business

Presenter – Alan Hinkes, Mountaineer
“DofE gives you that most useful of qualities – resilience.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.

Picture Gallery – South West

Presenter – Jo Bradshaw, Mountaineer
“Congratulations to you all, it’s a privilege to be here today. I hope you are all very proud of what you have achieved.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders here.


London 15 November 2016

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 15 November 2016 at St. James’s Palace:




Elizabeth  Afflick
Imadh Uddin Ahmed
Philip  Alderman
Jessica  Alderman-Rowe
Barney  Aldridge
Georgia Naomi Allen
Benjamin  Amos
Carys Louise  Andrew
James Eric George  Annison
Sophie  Aristotelous
Rochelle Cecilia Arulanandam
Marc  Atkinson
Tabitha  Attwood
Thomas William  Austin
Beatriz  Azevedo
Zunera  Baig
Jessica Amelia  Bailey
Ryan  Bailey
Craig  Baillie
Joe  Baker
Oliver  Baker
Clair Louise Balchin
Samina Marium Bana
Nathan  Banwell
Joseph John Olynec Barnes
James Edward Barnes
Emma  Barnett
Richard  Bartram
Rebecca  Baslington
Rose Ellen Bate
Daniel  Bate
Matthew  Bayliss
Laura  Beaumont
Katherine Beckett
Katherine Violet Bellamy
Rosalind  Bennett
Angelina  Benson
Frederick  Bevan
Katie-Rose Bicker
Olivia  Birks
George  Birt
Chantel Holly-Marie Birtwistle
Samantha Bishop
Jess Blandford
Elliot  Blount-Powell
Greg Bojke
Lauren  Bond
Daniel  Booth
Verity  Bowen
Beatrice  Bowen Rees
Sarah  Bowler
James  Boyne
Rebecca Kate Bradley
Olivia  Bragg
Charlotte  Brass
Georgia  Bray
Daisy Victoria Brazenell
Madeleine  Briggs
Annafleur van Mourik Broekman
Olivia Constance Amy Brookhouse
Amelia Chinyere Rose Brooks
Oliver  Broomhall
Jacob  Broomhall
Molly  Broster
Ella Grace Brougham
Anna  Broughton
Gavin  Brown
Lucy E Brown
Rebecca  Brown
Katherine  Browne
Christina  Browne
Aimee  Browning
Molly  Bryan
Charlotte  Buchan
Daisy  Bullen
Linell  Burdett
Catherine  Burdett
George  Burgess
Lloyd  Burton
Katie  Buttriss
Sam  Buxton
Rachel  Buxton-Hopley
Kathryn  Byatt
Jennifer  Byrne
Thomas David Becher Cadman
Jodie  Cameron
Siobhan  Campbell
Christopher Matthew Canham
Steven  Carney
Jack  Carroll
Jonathan Frederick  Carter
Matthew  Cartwright
Henry  Cartwright
Harry  Cartwright
Martha  Casey
Robert  Cashman
Philippa Jayne Cass
Tara  Castiglioni
Ravi  Champaneria
Lucy  Chappel
Hannah  Charman
Yashaswini  Choudhary
Benjamin  Chrisp
Jamie  Clarke
Alexander  Charles Clelland
Katherine  Clennell
Michael  Clifton
Isobel  Cole
Matthew  Colfer
David  Collier
Patsy  Collison
Michael  Colman
Charlotte  Connor
Ashley  Connor
Eleanor  Cook
Amy  Cooper
Beth  Cooper
Hilary  Cope
Hannah  Copeland
Rosie  Corbett
James  Coston
Lloyd  Cottrell
Harrison  Cox
Adam  Craig-Thompson
Charlotte  Crawley
Matthew  Crichton
Jessica  Crisp
Emily  Critchley
Paul  Crouch
Hilary  Davey
David  Davies
Madelaine  Davison
Steven  Dawson
Claire  Dawson
Luke  Deane
Kirsty  Dempster
Christopher  Dennis
Aaron  Dewfall-Carver
Alexandra Dickinson-Lomas
Emily  Dickson
Lydia Dilks
Nicola  Doble
Hannah Rose  Done
Amelie  Doran
Elinor May  Driscoll
Thomas  Dugmore
Hannah  Duncan
Marianna  Dyer
Roderick  Dyer
Ellen  Eagles
Matthew  Eardley
Aron  Ebsworth
Claire  Eccles
Chelsea  Eddowes
Emily  Edmond
Timothy  Edwards
Laura  Eggo
Salma  El-Ghrably
Peter  Elliott
Megan  Evans
Olivia  Evans
Charlotte  Evans
William Thomas Malcolm  Evans
Patrick  Ewen
Isabelle  Ewen
Heather  Fayers
Emily  Fenney
Georgina  Fenton
Emma  Ferreira
Katherine  Ferris
Abby  Field
Adam  Fitton
James  Fletcher
Glenn  Forbes
Megan S Ford
Isobel  Ford
Aled  Ford
George  France
Quentin  Freeth
Ryan  Frost
Cherelle  Frost
Samantha  Fryer
Rhiana Catriona  Galvin
Louise  Garbett
Catherine  Gare
Matthew  Gibson
Jennifer  Gilbert
Edward  Gilford
Catherine  Gisborne
Antony  Glastonbury
Zoe Jemima Glaysher
Sarah  Goddard
William  Godfrey
Anna  Godfrey
Wayne Hamilton Goodwin
Nicholas  Goody
James  Govey
Hannah  Graham
Leona  Grant
Adam  Green
Joseph  Greenan
Hannah  Grimmette
Lewis  Gudgeon
Isabella  Guest
Jacob  Hall
Jacques  Hall
Elle-Lea  Hall
Sarah  Ham
George  Hamblin
Charlotte  Hampton
Sam  Hanson
Emily  Harbisher
Lucia  Hardisty
Jordan- May Hardy
Elizabeth  Hartley
Sabeen  Hasan
Sean  Havis
Harry Charles Hay
Indie  Hayes
Georgina  Hayward
Lianna  Haywood
Victoria  Head
Rebecca  Heath
Sam Albert Herbert
Roberta  Herriman
Katharine  Hewett
Shanice  Hildrew
Hannah  Hing
Natalie  Hipkiss
Sophie  Hocart
Sarah Elizabeth Hodgson
Phillip  Hogwood
Peter  Holden
Alice  Holloway
Richard  Holmes
Jordan  Holroyd
Robert  Homden
Georgina  Hopgood
Julia  Hopkins
Katie  Hornsey
Afreen  Hossain
Laura  Houldcroft
Scott  Howard
George  Hubbard
Rachel  Hudson
Aimee Yvette  Hughes
Lauren  Hunt
Matthew  Hunt
Bromley  Hurn
Ryhan  Hussain
Cameron  Hyde
Thomas Charles Hyland
Mawgan  Ibbotson
Elizabeth  Inwards
Katy  James
Steffan Rhys  James
Emily  James
Amy  Jarrett
Elizabeth  Jatwa
Amy  Johnson
Sam  Johnson
Daniel  Johnson
Matthew  Johnson
Henry  Jones
Emily  Jones
Ruth  Jones
Amrit-Pali  Kaur
Charlotte  Keast
Ashley  Keast
Samuel  Kelly
Harry Kemp
Louise  Kendall
Benjamin  Kennedy
Abigail  Kent
Kim Sandhu
Jamie  King
Thomas  Kinghorn
Thomas  Kirby
Charlotte  Kitchener
Jordan Louise  Kram
Andrew  Kyte
Kirstie Anne Lane
Jonathan  Langston
Daniel  Largan
Beatrice  Law
Ben  Lawrence
Andrew  Lawson
Tim Le Couilliard
Amie  Le Feuvre
Eleanor  Leason
Kate  Ledgard
Gearoid  Lee
Rebekah Joy Lee
Alexander  Lee
Rebecca  Levin
Sophie  Lewell
Hollie  Lewis
Gerasimos  Lianos
Victoria Marie Liddle
Henry David Lidford
Thayer  Linnell
Francesca  Lister-Fell
Eve  Lloyd-Jones
Jessica  Lomas
Emily  Loughrey
Katy  Loughrey
Shawn  Loydall
Sarah  Lynham
Sophie Claire Louise Maccoy
Annabel  Mackinlay
Esme  Mackrill
Jordan  Madeira
Susanna  Magowan
Siya  Maini
Helena  Man
Ching Hoi  Man
Zachariah Mansell
Francesca Alice  Mant
Beth  Marriott
Lauren Paige Marsh
Billy  Marsh
Phoebe  Marson Smith
Alexander  Mason
Katherine Lily May
Gareth  McCallion
Charlotte Lucy  McCann
Madeleine  McCarthy
Sebastian  McDiarmid
Harry  McEleny
Isobel  McGarrell
Alicia  McKie
Joshua  McKnight
Rachel  McMichael
Eryn  McQuillan
Brett William Mead
Archie Charles Meager
Eleanor  Meek
Katie  Michael
Paige  Milburn
Joseph  Miles
Rebecca  Miller
Harriet  Miller
Parish  Minton
Hannah  Mitchell
Samuel John Mitchell
Esther  Mitchell
Hannah  Mitford
Liam James Moloney
Olivia  Moore
Molly Anne  Morgan
Georgina  Morley
Ashleigh  Morley
Amelia  Morris
Bethan  Mulcahy
Peter  Munn
Carl  Munns
Josh  Murcott
Katherine  Murray
Louise  Myers
Rosie Louise Adele  Myers
James  Napier
Thomas  Nelder
Isabelle  Nelder
Megan  Newstead
Andrew  Niblett
Jack  Nicholas
Laura Anne  Nix
Bianca Nunes Guillerme
Hélèna  Nunziata
Joe Oakton
Alyssa  Oates
Lauren  O’Brien
Philippa  O’Bryan
Hugo  O’Grady
Lauren  O’Hanlon
Connor  O’Regan
Luke Anthony O’Sullivan
Dan Owen
Bradley  Palmer
Rebecca Charlotte Park
Shane  Parker
Leon  Parkes
Rachel  Parlour
Sophie  Parr
Lauren  Parsons
Joseph  Partridge
Ryan  Passmore
Krishan  Patel
Morgan Elizabeth Pattinson
Olivia  Payne
Beth  Payne
Aoife  Pearce
Georgia  Peeler
Jemma  Pemberton
Ella  Percival
Dizzy Peverley
Isobel  Phillips
Daisy  Phillips
Liam  Pilot
Emily  Pinch
Joseph  Pipa-Harding
Alistair  Pirrie
Curtis O B Pitts
Luke  Platts
Henry  Platts-Martin
Marguerite  Pope
Matthew  Price
Bronwen Elena Elizabeth  Prickett
Jack  Pritchard
Corey  Pritchard
Frances  Prowse
Krishan  Pugh
Isabelle  Purvis
Alex  Quan
Nathaniel  Quick
Miriam  Rabey
Yasmine  Raif
Daven  Rajan
Thomas  Ramshaw
Jay Daniel Ranade
Molly  Ransom
Tallulah Drew  Ray
Evangelina  Rea
Rebecca  Reeves
Katherine Mary Renny
Oliver  Reynolds
Maximilian Richards
Holly Jennifer Richardson
Jade  Richardson
Tommy  Richardson
Jamie  Riley
Jemma  Rimmer
Helena Sian Robbins
Ella  Roberts
Mari Iona  Roberts
Alexander  Robinson
Hannah Jayne Robinson
Joshua  Robinson
Molly  Rochester
Alexander  Roome
Sam  Rose
Katy  Rowe
Stephen  Rowland
Kieran  Rudd
Lowenna  Rule
Luke David  Russell
Helen  Rutherford
Daniel  Sansom
Bradley  Savage
Thomas  Savill
Ben  Sayers
Jonathan  Scarisbrick
Madeline  Scarlett
Daniel  Scott-Perry
Susan  Searing
Patrick  Semark
Elizabeth Anna Shaw
Amber  Shead
Matthew  Sherriff
Stephanie  Shone
Carl  Simpson
Ewan  Simpson
Toby  Sims
Georgina Hana Skliarsky
Thomas  Slack
Luke  Sleeman
Gemma  Smale
Rachel  Smith
Matthew  Sneller
Ania  Spencer
Ruth  Squires
Bethany  Squires
Adam  Stagg
Jeremy C S Steed
Weronika Emilia  Stepien
Jack  Stewart
Jack  Stewart
Nicholas  Stokes
Bethany  Stoves
James  Stringer
Joe Stroomer
David John  Stuart Wright
Katherine  Sykes
Dana  Symonds
Benjamin  Talks
Haneefa  Tarafder
Daniel  Taylor
Adam  Taylor
Jo Temple
Bethan  Terry
Michael  Theodoulou
Ellena  Thomas
Hannah  Thomas
Phillip Thomas
Monty  Thompson
Ellen  Thompson
Brad  Thompson
Samuel Thompson
Hannah Margaret Thorne
Charles  Thorpe-Morgan
Emma  Ticehurst
Miranda  Timmerman
Alexander J Titmus
George Richard Tomley
Lauren  Travers
Louise  Tree
Ianto  Tregidon-Bellew
Adam  Tremlett
Jack  Tremlett
Tarrin  Triplett
Abby  Trivett
Andrew  Tuppen
Jack  Tymon
Paul  Vallis
Louis van der Lande
Edward  Vella
Matthew  Von Lany
Jamie  Wade
George  Wagstaff
Bradley  Walker
Justin  Walker
Joshua  Walker
Amelia Anne Waspe
Harriet  Welch
Rachel Louise West
Dayle  Wheeler
Rebecca  Wilcox
Bethany  Willey
Christopher Yee Khang Williams
Alexandra  Williams
Megan  Willis-Richards
James  Wilson
Jennifer Amy  Wilson
Thomas  Windows
Grace  Winfieldale
Titus Samuel Morgan Wing
Amy  Wissett
Chloe  Witchell
Alice  Wittridge
Sam Wolfe
Zoe  Wong
James Frederick Wood
Benjamin  Wood
Jack  Woodhouse
James P Worthington
Harry  Worthington
William  Wragg
Christopher  Wray
Charlotte  Wray
Helen  Wray
Alex  Wright
Poppy  Wring
Anya  Wulkau
Aaron  Wye
Catrina  Yang
Steph Yates
Hannah  Yellop
Chuxi  Zhou












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