Tuesday 2 June 2015

565 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on Tuesday 2nd June at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.

Morning presentation

Throne Room – Central England

Presenter – Felicity Kendall CBE, Actress

Felicity told the Gold Award holders: “I have been so moved by this whole event and I am almost speechless with admiration. Hats off to you for sticking with it and achieving your Awards. I am honoured to be here today and celebrate with you. Life is a great gift and you are proof of that – you’ve not only succeeded, you’ve excelled! With hard work and determination nothing is impossible. You are an inspiration!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – South East

Presenter – Rt Hon Ann Widdecombe, Former MP and Minister of State / Writer and Broadcaster

Ann told the Gold Award holders: “Let me congratulate you on what you’ve achieved; there’s a huge sense of success in the room today. I’m sure there was the odd moment during your DofE journey when things didn’t go right, but you overcame those challenges and didn’t give up. You can take this with you through life, knowing you were determined to press on. Nothing is ever beyond you if you’re determined and creative enough. As Gold DofE Award holders I don’t think there’s very much you won’t be able to do.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South East
Presenter – Mr Mike Golding, Professional Sailor

Mike told the Gold Award holders: “I’ve always been blessed with doing the things I love the most. My advice to you is to do the things you love, do them well and enjoy it. Congratulations on your achievements and I wish you the best of luck in your futures.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter – Mr Robert Lindsay, Actor

Robert told the Gold Award holders: “It seems to me remarkable that you’ve achieved your Gold DofE Awards with your social calendars and other things in life that you’ve had to juggle. You’ve all succeeded and I think that’s an amazing achievement.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – North of England
Presenter – Mr Alan Hinkes, Mountaineer

Alan told the Gold Award holders: “It’s a great honour to be here and to present the Gold Award certificates. You have all worked so hard to be here today. By achieving your Award, you have all have shown commitment and determination. This is just the beginning of your future. Congratulations to you all – this is your day. You should be very proud.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – National Organisations
Presenter – Phoebe Smith, Editor of Wanderlust

Phoebe told the Gold Award holders: “Setting a goal, sticking to it and seeing it through to the end are integral to the DofE Awards. What you have achieved is fantastic and you should be immensely proud. You’ve shown that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Congratulations.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South West
Presenter – Natalie Coyle, Singer and Gold Award Holder

Natalie told the Gold Award holders: “Having achieved your Gold DofE Awards, all of you have shown the courage, self-belief, motivation and dedication to put yourself forward and work as a team to complete a challenge. Be safe in the knowledge that you have now joined a special, elite group that proves you are focused, resourceful, determined and that you will achieve. Everything you have learnt during your DofE you can take with you in life’s next adventure – Good Luck!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – North of England
Presenter – Naga Munchetty, BBC News Reader

Naga told the Gold Award holders: “Achieving your Gold DofE Award shows you have the stamina and desire to stand out from the crowd, to be an individual. Whatever career you go into, your Award will be an asset, it’ll make people remember you which is crucial to getting your foot in the door.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

london 2 June 2015

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 2 June 2015 at St. James’s Palace:




Chris Abraham
Sarah Abraham
Timothy Abrahart
Rory Acland
Elizabeth Adam
Emily Addison
Ruby-May Addy
Arun Aggarwal
Amy Aitchison
Satoko Aizawa
Chloe Allan
Edward Alston
Ogechukwu Amuta
Rebecca Anderson
Thomas Andrews
Daniel Andrews
Max Ansell
Rupert Appleton
Rebecca Appleton
Eleanor Arminson-Wood
Bethany Ash
Yasmin Asif
Sophie Elizabeth Atkins
Daniel Atkins
Emma Attwood
Harry Austin
Alicia Bahra
Callum James Bailey
Laura Bailey
Charlotte Bailie
Ellie Baily-Jones
Aneirin Baker
Giles Baldwin
Anne Bannister
Emily Bantham-Jones
Laura Jean Rachael Barrett
Samuel Barry
Hannah Barry
Victoria Bateson
Anna Batt
Jacob Battle
Anna Bedford
Rosie Bentley
Louise Berrie
Hannah Berrisford
Victor Bhagwandin
Stanisław Biber
Katie Bird
Sarah Bishop
Katharine Blackshaw
Elena Blackwell
Robyn Blackwood
Philippa Bliss
Stephanie Bolton
Rachel Bond
Laura Borrie
Harriet Bosher
Katie Bottomley
Emily Bourke
Henry Boutflower
Emily Bowcock
Oliver Braddy
Jordan Brannigan
Harry Brett-Roberts
Olivia Lucy Kate Bright
Tom Bromley
Mary Brooks
Hannah Brown
Ellie Brown
Philippa Brumwell
Catherine Brushwood
Joseph Burgham
Hollie Burrows
Alexander Gerard Bury
Niamh Bush
Christopher Butter
Laura Bynoe
Isabel Cairns
Laura Campbell
Laura Campbell
Emily Carman
Adam Carpenter
Alice Carr
Timothy Carter
Thomas Carter
Sebastian Carter
Harley Caswell
Sky Caves
Katharine Chadwick
Caroline Chadwick
Emma Chang
Alexandra Chell
Yueqi Chen
Sirui Chen
Tsz Kwan Cheng
Isobel Clarke
Charlotte Clarke
Thomas Clay
Jed I Clifton
Rebecca Clingan
Mark Clover
Rebecca Coatsworth
Jennifer Coles
Evie Collard
Tamara Collin
Olivia Compton
Daniel Constable
Emma Cooke
Jessica Cookson
Peter Cooper
Guy Charles Coulton
Hamish Courtauld
George Coward
Gavin Cowie
Lucy Crathorne
Oliver Creamer
Oliver Crowe
Sally Croysdale
Elizabeth Cunliffe
Ailsa Cunningham
Chantelle Dadd
Philippa Dalby
Rebecca Daniels
James Daniels
Alice Darkin
Amelia Davidson
Peter Davies
Menna Davies
Kelly Louise Davis
Rachel Davis
Rosie Victoria Dawe
Robert de la Harpe
Georgina Delph
Natasha Denton
Adam Derrick
Leon Derriey
Vivek Desai
Amrit Dhillon
Adam Dicketts
Raymond Ding
Hannah Dixon
James Doddrell
Olivia Dove
Gregory Downes
Felix Dudgeon
Hazel Dupont
Kathryn Emily Dutton
Graham Edgecombe
Ndidi Edi-Osagie
Ben Edis
Harrison David Edmonds
Jack William Edwards
Kyle Edwardson
William Egan
Nathan Eldridge
Christina Elkins
Peter Raoul Evans
James Falcus
Alex Fearnley
Nathan Field
Alice Fieth
Harry Finch
Adam Fletcher
Lily Fox
Karl Franklin
Nicholas Fryman
Evelyn Furness
Maria Leonor Caetano S. Furtado
Maximillian Gairard
Ryan Galloway
George Gardiner
Mollie Frances Lettie Gardner
Daniel Garrett
Matthew Thomas Gaunt
Edmund Gay
Maria Gemmell
Jessica Gentry
Benjamin George
Perran Gilbert
Amber Golding
Rachel Frances Matilda Goodacre
Emma Goodwin
Thomas Gorman
Jay Gough
Matthew Grace
Leah Grant
Jason Graveling
Callum Gray
Louise Greasley
Nathan James Greaves
Miranda Green
Ashley Gregg
Jessica Gregory
Reece Greig
Reuben Griffith-Thompson
Gemma Grundy
Oliver Guy
Albert Hadcock
Rheanne Haddow
Emily Hale
Claudia Hall
Theo Halpern
Serena Halsall
Francisca Christina Margaretha Hamilton
Rosanna Hamilton-Briscoe
Dominic Hamlyn
Danielle Hannaford
Sophie Hansom
Rose Hardy-Barrett
Elliot Hargadon
Alice Hargreaves
Georgina Hatherell
Thomas Hazeldine
Olivia Heininger
Katie Henbest
Olivia Henderson
George Herbert
Oliver Hibbins
Georgia Higgins
Felicity Hill
Luke Hill
Alexandra Hill
Beth Hillon
Joel Hitchcow
James Hitchens
Abigail Hocking
Luke Hocking
Max Holland
Harriet Holme
Eleanor Holme
Alice Horne
Peter Hornsby
Bethan Tamar Howells
Amy Hughes
Thomas Hulatt
Nicholas Humphries
Rosie Hunt
Chantelle Hunt
Harrison Hunter
Miles Huppatz
George Spencer Alexander Innes
Christopher James
Annie-Rose Jameson
Jack Jameson
William Janney
Alexandra Jeffries
Alice Jellard
Harry Jenkison
Zach Jennings
Isabel Jobling
Lily Johnson
Samuel Rhys Johnstone
Megan Louise Jones
Simon Julyan
Thumakpreet Kaur
Aman Kaur Lalli
Pavan Kaur Lalli
Madeleine Kavanagh
Georgina Kay
Rebecca Keating
Alice Kehoe
Harriet Kelly
Olivia Kendall
Jacob Kerry
Nathan Khan
Sarah King
Ellie Kinsella
Henry Kisby
Yasko Kline-Pearson
Daniel Knapp
Kirsty Anne Landale
George Landale
Kathryn Lane
Felicity Langford
Alice Lapthorn
Benjamin Laverick
Madeleine Lavery
Matthew Law
Rachel Lear
Alexander Lee
Jens Lee
Erica Jackson
Harrison Leigh
Angharad Leighton
Jessica Sha Lester
Joanne Lihou
Alice Limb
Alexander Loftie
Tessa Lomax
Alexander Long
Adam Lord
Beth Ludden
Elizabeth Luxon
Shrehan Lynch
Aisling Lynch-Kelly
Olivia Lynch-Kelly
Katharine Lynch-Kelly
Madeleine Lyons
Jenny Maddison
Eleanor Manby
Deborah Mansell
Elizabeth Marsh
Karah Jayne Ellis Mason
Sam Matheson
George Maughan
Elise McCarthy
James McCaskie
Laura McCoubrey
Taylor McDonald-Webb
Jenny McGregor
Kellie McKay
James McKay
Samuel McMillan
Paul McMullen
Hugo McNeill Love
Alicia Mead
Andrew Meader
Laura Meek
Sophie Mennell
Annie Metcalfe
Alexander Meyer
Imogen Ayesha Middleton
Oscar Miller
Lucy Miller
Jodie Miller
Charlotte Molony
Daisy Moncrief
Darius Moonan
Sabrina Moor
Rosannah Morel
Michaela Morgan
Danielle Morgan
Charlie Morgan
Anna Moroney
Eleanor Morris
Danny Morris
Lily Morrish Postlethwaite
Sarah Morrison
Kirsty Morrison
Jack Edward Moss
Daniel Moxham
Harriet Mugford
Courtney Munn
Kate Murphy
Abigail Mustard
Emma Mutty
Lynette Mutuota
Luke Nardone
Abdullah Nasir
Emma Nasralla
Zoe Nay
Barney Neal
Rachel Neill
Patrick New
James Newsam
Lydia Ng
Megan Nicholls
Frazer Nisbet
Beatrice Nixon
Matthew Nutter
Tom O’Brien
Danny O’Shaughnessy
Laura Jayne Overal
Garreth Owen
Lucy Page
Oliver Page
Andy Palframan
Natalie Palin
Kai Parfitt
Matilda Parker
Sam Parsons
Oren Patel-Champion
Leon Patel-Champion
Alastair Paterson
Rebecca Pawley
Akash Payne
Hamish Peagam
Sophie Pearce
Andrew Pearcy
Katie Pearson
Michael Pearson
Chris Penketh
Kayleigh Penman
Georgina Penny
Rhiannon Peters
Georgiana Pill
Samantha Frances Pittman
Eleanor Platt
Oliver Plumtree
Chelsea Poppy
Alex Potten
Molly Poulson
Anneka Powell
Joanna Powell
Ellen Prentis
Hannah Presdee
Sophie Price
Louise Price
George Purchon
Camilla Purves
Jordan Aran Purvis
Samuel Quemby
Ellen Quigley
Francesca Ramsey
Steven Randall
Milo Reddaway
Matthew Reddaway
Danielle Redknapp
Georgia Reece
Alexandra Louise Katherine Rees
Alicia Regan
Samantha Reilly
Sarah Resch
Madeleine Revill
Lawrence Rice-Williams
Anthony Richards
Bethany Richards
Abigail Richardson
Jack Richings
Andrew Richmond
William Rigby
Amelia Rimell
Naomi Rittey
Joe Rivers
Austen Charles Robinson
Sarah Robinson
Gemma Robinson
Eleanor Grace Robinson-Carter
Isabelle Beatrice Mary Roost
Matthew Rose
Anna Roseblade
Hamish Ross
Kennedy Round
Edward Rouse
Oliver Royds
Olivia Katherine Ruppert
Oliver Sampson
James Sandercock
Rhea Sanders
Charlie Saunders
Alexandra Saunders
Rosalind Saunderson
Megan Saywell
Eva Schiffeldrin
Thomas Schwarzenbach
Ashleigh Lauren Sefton
Mark Christopher Sellars
Laura Sharp
Amy Sharpe
Alex Sheppard
Tomas Sherwen
Kate Simmons
Sophie Skidmore
Caroline Skinner
Lily Slade
Jamie Smallman
Nathan Smart
Jacob Francois Smit
Luke Smith
Charles Smith
Reece Vint Smith
Joshua Smith
Sam Campbell Sorabjee
Evan Speke
Ruth Spence
Benjamin Spencer
Hannah Spooner
Gemma Stacey
Connor Standen
Emma Stephenson
Zoe Stewart
Luke Stitson
Ashley Stokes
Caitlin Strike
Annabel Stuart-Bourne
Thomas Stubbs
Lauren Emma Sugden
Scarlett Swain
Alexander Swan
John Symes-Thompson
Joanna Rose Tarbutt
Mhairi Tavendale
Hugh Taylor
Paige Taylor
Laura Taylor
George Taylor
James Taylor-Smith
Elizabeth Telford
Anthony Ten Jet Foei
Laura Tetlow
Eliz Thomas
Edward Thomas
James Thompson
Willlam Thompson
Alana Tiernan
Laura Tilley
Joy Myfanwy Timmer
Emily Tough
Lawrence Tozer
Onome Uwhubetine
Alexander Vallone
Rochelle Velho
Sukhdeep Vraitch
Georgina Walker
Rebecca Wallace
Holiday Mary Rose Wallis
Hannah Walsh
Erin Joanne Walsh
Rebecca Walters
Zoe Walters
Charlie Joseph Ward
Naomi Ward
Amy Warrellow
William Waterhouse
Adam Watson
James Watson
Hannah Watson
Graeme Watt
Fiona Watters
Rebecca Watts
Aaron Webb
Olivia Webster
Alice Weeks
Madeleine Wellham
Jessica Wells
Lily Westerman
Daniel Westgate
Dan Weston
Tom Weston
Mary Wetherall
Lucy Whitamore
Bronwyn White
Adam Whitehouse
Ryan Whitson-Fay
Charles Wickham
Matthew Williams
Nicholas Williams
Wesley Williams
James Williams
Charlotte Williams
Georgia Williamson
Benjamin Wills
Lauren Wilson
Chloe Wilson
Laura Wilson
Lauren Winder
Nicholas Winn
Laura Wiselka
David Wiselka
Alison Wood
Hannah Wood
Callum Woods
Marcus Worsley
Serena Worvill
Hayley Louise Wragg
Simon Wright
Jessica Wright
Aiken Yam
Kelsey Young











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