London, 22 March 2017

269 young people collected their Gold Award Certificates on the morning of Wednesday 22nd March at St. James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Morning presentation

Throne Room – South East
Presenter – James Carter, Actor

“I hope you don’t see your Gold Award as an end point, but instead as a starting point for the future; use the confidence gained from your expedition, the new skills you’ve learnt and one day return to your volunteering. This is the start of you making a contribution.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders

Entrée Room – London
Presenter – Phil Brown, Olympic Silver Medallist and Central England Regional Director

“The DofE is a great way to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. The DofE is for everyone from all walks of life, no matter what your circumstances are. The DofE is not only recognised by Universities and employers but it makes you challenge yourself. You have to adapt and change but the experience will stay with you and I hope you will use it is a force to take you forward onto bigger and better things in the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders

Queen Anne Room – South East
Presenter – Nicholas Owen, Broadcaster

“Congratulations to you all, I respect and admire so much all of the effort and journeys you have gone through to be here today. You should be very proud of what you have achieved.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter – Oliver and James Phelps, Actors

Oliver Phelps: “Doing the Harry Potter films meant that we never got the chance to do our own DofE so I am very jealous of all of you for achieving yours. You now have the skills and experience to know that you can go on to do anything you set your mind to.”

James Phelps: “When I was in New Zealand I met a group of young people who were due to receive their Gold Awards in a couple of weeks’ time and it made me realise just what a huge, worldwide Award it is. They inspired me to do my own Diamond challenge, which included 4 bungee jumps- one off the tallest building in New Zealand!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders

Hall of Fame: 22 March 2017

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 22 March 2017 at St. James’s Palace:




Isabelle  Agar
Alexander  Amato
Lucy Appleby
William  Ashpole
Rebecca  Aveson
Timur  Aydin
Alice  Baker
Jamal  Bangura
Hannah  Bantock
Oliver  Beaton
Rolf  Beattie
Jessica  Begg
Scott  Bell
Roderick  Boeg
Edward  Booth
Harvey  Boothroyd
Jake  Botham
Oliver  Bowden
James  Bowers
Katharine  Bowker
Stephen  Bowland
Rebecca  Bradbury
Jaleh Mireskandari Brazell
Oliver J Bremridge
Emma  Brenton
Katherine  Bretherton
Sophie  Brewer
Alexander  Brown
James  Brown
Kenza  Bryan
Alice  Bryant
Matthew  Buckland
Charlotte Elizabeth Campbell
Hugh  Campbell
Isabella  Campbell Harry
Benjamin  Carruthers
Robert  Carson
Aaron  Carver
George  Cawdron
Harvey  Cawdron
Thomas  Cawdron
Frankie  Cenci
Jonathan  Chan
Miss Jemma Annabel Chatwin
Abigail  Chell
Gabrielle  Chudi
Abigail  Clarke
Emma  Clarke
Georgia  Clarke
Dominic  Clark-Roberton
Conor E Coley
Thomas  Collins
Nichola Katherine Constantinides
Emma Kate Crampton-Thomas
Oliver  Crow
Stuart  Cunningham
Laura  Daglish
Kirstin  Davenport
Lydia Beth Davies
Rhys Stephen Davies
Adam  Dawkins
Cara  Day
Faye Rebecca Deakin
Cameron John Fisher Dee
Emma  Delaney
Peshali  Diyasena
Praag  Dogra
Rebecca  Doran
Imogen  Douglas
Hannah  Draper
James  Druce
Angus  Dunnett
Eleanor Frances Dwyer
Harry  Elgar
Michael  Essam
Lucia  Estephane
Zoe  Evans
George  Evans-Thomas
Beatrice  Everist
Imogen  Everist
Olivia  Everist
Saira  Farage-O’Reilly
Callum  Field
Imogen  Flynn
Joseph  Formby
Edward  Foulkes
Alexandra  Fowle
Joshua  Freddi
Toby  Freeland
James  Fuller
Jamie  Gane
William  Gao
Tom  Gardiner
Sophia  Geddes
Alice  Gibbs
Harjeevan  Gill
Lara  Gliksten
Alistair  Golby
Samuel  Gooch
Kelly Elizabeth Greener
Max  Green-Smith
Saffron  Gupta
Joseph Paul Hadley
Franklin  Hamilton
Khiro  Hamilton
Joshua Raymond Hamilton-Brown
Cameron  Hargreaves
Bertie  Harrison-Rushton
Erin  Hawker
Helena Poppy Hayman
Joshua  Hill
Robert  Hill
Terri  Hill
Victoria  Hill
Oliver  Holliday
George  Holloway
Verity  Howell
Natasha  Inns
Tilly  Ip
Luke  Jackman
Sarah  Jackson
Imogen  Jacques
Subodhi Visala Jayakody
Karannagoda  Jayatilaka
Carys  John
Sarah  John
Samuel  Johnson
Tom Johnson
Hannah  Jones
Josiah  Jordan
Jonathan  Joyce
Isabelle  Keith
Lewis  Kelly
Isabelle  Kent
Arisha  Khullar
Ellen  King
Hannah  Kirwan
Joanne  Kitteridge
Rosella  Knapp
Harvey  Knight
Harry  Lawson
Kiu Victoria  Lee
Phoebe  Lewis
Isabel  Locke
Eleanor  Logan
Katharine  Lovatt
Ciara  Lucas
Toby MacCarthy
Lucy  Mackenzie
Lisha  Madhyanum
Maariya Tasmi Malik
Jacob  Mann
Aimee  Maritz
Luke  Marston
Rhys  Maunder
Katherine Elizabeth Maxwell
Freya  Mead
Amy  Merriman
Elizabeth  Michael
Ross  Miles
Natasha Ann  Miller
Priya Saira Mistry
Freya  Mitchell
Georgina  Moat
Callum  Monro
Francesca  Monteiro
Tuesday  Moore
David  Morgan
Joe  Morgan
Laurence Henry Murphy
Peter  Murphy
Jayen  Nagar
Megan  Nagel
Ifeoma Vania  Nwakalor
Ellen  O’Brien
Akina Chinyere Okoye
Jamiah Chika Okoye
Emily  Page
Louisa  Parker
Will  Parker
Anthony Daniel Parkes
Rianna  Patel
Oliver  Pepperell
Emma  Pickford
Jennifer  Pinder
Edward  Platts
Benjamin  Pointeau
Emily  Porritt
Caitlin  Powell
Isabelle  Powers
Natalie  Powers
Lucie  Prego
Edward  Price
Florence  Pritchett
Emma  Ptak
Courtney  Pyne
Emma  Ratheram
Laura  Reeves
Lauren  Reeves
Amelia  Revill
Jake  Reynolds
Keilan  Reynolds
Sophie  Reynolds
Sophie  Robinson
Angela  Rose
Natasha  Rose
Sophie Ann Rose
Lucy  Rostron
Jessica  Rothberg
Emma  Round
Christopher  Sambell
Thomas  Sambell
James  Sargeant
Kirsty  Scott
Suzanna  Scowen
Eleanor  Sheldon
Hannah  Sherington
Matthew  Shilston
Isobel  Shortt
Chloe  Simmonds-Webber
Lewis  Simpson
Rebecca  Sinden
Lauren Margaret Smith
Natasha  Smyth
Anusha  Sonthalia
Edward  Spencer
Thaarani  Srisenthivel
Adam  Staffurth
Daiana Maria Stanciu
Elise-Rose  Stanier
Emily-Jayne  Stanier
Harriet  Starling
Richard  Stenning
Alistair  Stewart
Sophia  Sutherland
Christopher  Sutton-Smith
Nicholas  Sutton-Smith
Daniel  Taylor
Struan  Taylor
Louisa H H Thompson
Theodore Frederick Thompson
Jennifer  Tigwell
Ben  Tinkler-Davies
Charles  Titmuss
Ottilia  Tribe
Emon  Uddin
Grace Chidinma  Uzoho
Fiona  von-Hinten
Luca  Walker
Lucy Elizabeth Walker
Bethany  Ward
Faye  Warner
Laura  Wellbelove
Julie Catherine Whiting
Will  Whitmore
Edward  Whittaker
Ross James Wilford
Emily  Williams
Alice  Wilson
Charles Edward George Wilson
Oliver  Wiltshire
Robert  Wingfield
Hannah  Withers
Sarah  Wood
Keziah  Wright
Penelope  Young
Anna  Zair
Qi An  Zhang
Sergey  Zhelyabovskiy











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