Tuesday 22nd September 2015

534 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on Tuesday 22nd September at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Earl of Wessex.

Morning presentation

Throne Room – South East
Presenter – Mr Inge Solheim, Polar Explorer and Adventurer

Inge told the Gold Award holders: “Every time I come to present Gold DofE Gold Awards, there is such a pure and positive energy in the room. I feel that each and every one of you is burning with a brighter light. To achieve anything extraordinary, you have to do more and do better than the ordinary; I think that you are all a great representation of that. Congratulations!”

“I am very honoured to be here today. I built my confidence from my experiences and challenges. I believe anything is possible if you really want it. I want to congratulate you on your achievement. I hope you will go out and reach your goals.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – London
Presenter – Mr Benjamin Mee, Director of Dartmoor Zoological Park and Bronze Award Holder

Benjamin told the Gold Award holders: “It’s very easy to give up, but if you give up you will most definitely fail. Find the strength in you to push for one more day and you will be rewarded – you have all shown that through your DofE programmes. I am extremely proud to be asked here today. It’s an honour to present to you, congratulations again.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South East
Presenter – Mr Mike Bannister, Former Chief Concorde Pilot British Airways and Gold Award Holder

Mike told the Gold Award holders: “The main reason we’re here is to celebrate your fantastic achievement and the amazing things you’ve done. Your achievement is a very special thing. It gives you an edge – be rightly proud and don’t be afraid to brag about it. When I was involved in the selection process for British Airways if a candidate had a Gold Award it set them out from the rest, mine did for me. Cherish and build on the friendships you’ve made. Today we are celebrating you! What you have achieved will enable you to live your dreams.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – Central England
Presenter – Ms Reanne Evans, Snooker Player

Reanne told the Gold Award holders: “I’m thrilled to be here today to share in your celebrations. You have shown great determination and commitment to achieve your goals. You should all be very proud.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Wales
Presenter – Andrea Byrne, ITV Wales News Presenter and Gold Award Holder

Andrea told the Gold Award holders: “It is a huge honour to be here today to present your Gold Award certificates to you. Being a Gold Award holder myself, I know just how much commitment and determination you’ve shown to complete your Awards and these achievements are what will make you stand out to future employers.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – John Torode
Presenter – Chef, Restauranteur and Masterchef Presenter

John told the Gold Award holders: “Congratulations to all of you and a big thank you to all those who’ve supported you along the way. The DofE gives people extraordinary skills; resilience, confidence and communication. You have learnt a huge amount, especially how to be adaptable which will help you throughout your life. I would like to think that all of you will become great ambassadors for the DofE. I feel honoured and privileged to be here today. Congratulations!”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – National Organisations: Air Training Corps
Presenter – Group Capt Carol Vorderman, Mathematician and TV Personality

Carol told the Gold Award holders: “My daughter has her Silver DofE Award so I understand the level of hard work, commitment and effort required to achieve your Gold DofE Award. You have all shown the promise and capacity to fulfil your dreams, whatever they are. A huge congratulations to all of you.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – DofE Business: British Gas
Presenter – Yasmin Evans, DJ BBC Radio 1xtra

Yasmin told the Gold Award holders: “It’s brilliant to see young people realising there’s so much more to learn and benefit from. The DofE encourages people to find out what and who they want to be. A priceless experience of gaining knowledge and experience from stepping outside your comfort zone. I hope that more young people realise that there’s so much you can gain from this experience and pass it on to their peers showing commitment and dedication.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

London 22 Sept 2015

Heare’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 22 September 2015 at St. James’s Palace:




Sam Abbott
Naa Okailey Adamafio
William Adams
Daniel Adams
Tim Adams
George Aldiss
Stebin Alex
Liam Allcock
Portia Allum-Cornforth
Jonathan Andvig
Joey Aquilina
Jason Areington
Lawrence Arif
Adam Armstrong
Rowena Edith Marie Ashby
Sarah Asplin
Isobel Freya Atkinson
Edward Atkinson
Sebastian Ayers
Riyadh Bailey
Alexander Bailey
Ragavan Balendran
Emily Frances Banks
Rowanne Barfield
Liam Barlow
Adam Barratt
Emma Barratt
Amy Barritt
Emily Batchelor
Lucy Bateman
Sian Maria Batra
Russell Bayton
Laura Beckingham
Claire Beckingham
James Bedwell
Rory James Michael Beet
Christopher Bell
Hettie Bell
Laura Bentley
Andrew Bichan
Benjamin Bingle
Meghan Bird
Matthew Blackwell
Jake Blair
Kerry Blair
Sarah Blom
Edward Bloor
Katy Bloxham
Connor Bolt
Toby Bonnell
Abbey Bontempo
Rachael Booth
Arron Booth
Alex Bottomley
Navraj Singh Boughan
Sadie Boughen
Timothy Bourne
Rosalynd Boxall
Luke Bradford
Sophia Brenac
Chloe Elizabeth Daisy Brewer
Hugo Briggs
Harry Broadley
Scott Brooks
Johnathon Brown
Caitlin Freya Anne Brown
Ross Brown
Mary Burgess
Emma Burois
Ryan Butt
Oliver Cann
Max Carmody
Thomas Carr
Matthew Carroll
Matthew Carter
Sean Caruana
Natalie Caulkett
Jack Chalkley
Jack Challis
Diana Chalmers
Conor Chambers
Georgina Chandler
Oliver Chapman
Laura Chase
Jack Chatten
Jack Cheal
Joseph Chedd
Philippa Cheesman
Piers Cheetham
Alyssa Lauren Chin
Chung Sui Ying
Thomas Church
Elizabeth Clark
Annabel Clark
Hannah Clarke
Kristian Clement
Rachel Clement
Megan Clements
Samuel Coaker
Verity Cook
Samuel Cooper
Bethany Morgan Cooper
Jack Corcoran
Zoe Corton
Liam Cosgrave
Emma Jane Counsell
Francesca Cox
Elliot Craddock
Christopher Craven
Kyle Crawford
Eleanor Cripps
Joseph Croft
Rachel Croker
Chris Cumming
Charles Cunningham
Berenice Cunningham-Walker
Jessica Curran
Joshua Daniels-Holgate
Adam Davies
Alice Davies
Harriet Davies
Jake Davies
William Alexander Dawe
Michael Delahunt
Ella Denham
Adam Dennis
Jenni Derrick
Christina Derrick
Louise Derrick
Conor Patrick Devlin
Benjamin Devoy
Akshay Dhamecha
Thomas Dixon
Liam Dodds
Peter Dodds
Archie Dodwell
Thomas Dolby
Michael Donnelly
Lucy Donovan
Cleveland Douglas
Eleanor Joy Dowling
Christopher Duffy
Isabelle Duncan
Charlotte Eady
Joshua Eddon
Robbie Edgar
Tara Edwards
Olivia Edwards
Waleed El-Geresy
Sam Elliott
Oliver Edward Ellis
James Ellison
James Emmerson
Freya Entwistle
William Farr
David Fayers
James Ferguson
Maria Angelica Fernandes
Lucy Findlater
Emma Findlater
Charles Fisher
Lachlan Fitzroy-Ezzy
Emily Flaherty
Alexander Flanagan
Olivia Angwin
Jemima Floyd
Matthew Forey
Isabelle Forrester-Muir
Alex Foster
Gavin Francis
Ben Fraser
Bryony Freer
Osian Frobisher
Chloe Fulbrook
Louise Funnell
Ashley Gallagher
Naomi Gee
Larissa Gibb
Luke Gibbs
Samuel Gibson
Jason Giddings
Oliver Gosnold
Jessica Holly Gossett
Francesca Grant
Ellie Gray
Edward Greally
Emily Green
Virginia Green
Tumi Markan-Jones
Francesca Griffin
Siriol Haf Griffith
Rosalind Griffiths
Andy Gulliver
Charlotte Gurvidi
Caitlin Haine
Eleanor Hale
Eleanor Halfpenny
Alice Hall
Zoë Helen Hamer
Sam Hammond
George Handley
Daniel Hanson
Mehreen Haq
Eleanor Harding
Ben Harford
Jack Harrington
Ian Harrison
Sunshine Harvey
Jack Hawkins
Christopher Hedges
Nadia Hedley
Guy Heilpern
Lauren Henly
Grace Hickman
Nathaniel Hind
Alexandra Hindley
Josh Hodgson
Elizabeth Hofmann
Jack Holding
Nick Holdridge
Max Honiball
Craig Hopkinson
Megan Horder
Emma Horn
Esme Hotston Moore
Johnny Howell
Joshua Howitt
Anna Hoyle
Robert Hughes
Mathew Humphries
Robert Humphries
Robert James Hunter
David Hunter
Hope Hurst
Robert Huskisson
Helen Hussey
Katie Hutchinson
Gemma Hutton
Poppy Iveson
Samuel Jackson
Charlotte Jacobs
Mehdi Jafarzadeh
Thomas James
Megan James
Lucy Rhian Jawad
Paul Jehu
Jack Jenkins
Jasper Johns
Vicky Johnson
Beth Jones
Andrew Jones
Jack Jones
Jacqueline Ruth Israel Jones
Eleanor Jones
Lily Jones
Dominic Kay
Alex Keating
Sam Keats
Harry Kemp
Sophie Kendal
Hannah Kennedy
Finlay Kenneth
Lonneke Kertzman
Rakhee Keshwara
Robyn Khan
Joseph Kilroy
Matthew King
Victoria King
Megan Kirkby
Albrecht Kitshoff
Madeleine Kluth
Louie Konsoulou
Michael Kuerschner
Anna Lawrence
Jack Leahy
Robert Leal
Nicholas Lefley
Chloe Legard
Taylor Leonard
Hannah Lewis
Emily Liepa
Fraser Linning
Joshua Little
George Liu
Sophia Liu
Sophie Lowther
Claudia Lumbers
Charlotte Lumley
Harvinder Lydder
Alison Susan Mace
Andrew Mackenzie
Jason Madani
Denis Magee
Thomas Makris
Sanjiban Mandal
Samuel Marks
Victoria Marquis Diaz
Jordane Marsh
Emily Martin
Hollie Francesca Martin
Abigail Marven
Victoria Marven
Jonathan Mash
Joshua Mastin-Lee
Jessica Mather
Josef Matthews
Alexander Matthews
Robert Maunders
Matthew May
Chloe May
Rory McBride
Patrick McCormack
Jessica McDonald
Ryan McDonough
Rhys Mcevoy
Jack McGee
Liam McGovern
Robert Mcguigan
Ciarán McGuire
Clare McKnight
Sarah McLean
Jonathan McNamara
Hannah Meadows
Matthew Meikle
Michelle Meng
Stephen Merry
Henry Miller
Duncan Mills
Vaibhav Mishra
Deanna Mistry
Katie Mitchell
Carolina Monck
Rebecca Monks
Christopher Moore
Richard Jordan Moore
Emily Moores
Philippe Moracchini
Joshua Morey
Thomas James Morgan
Jonathan Glyn Morrell
Daniel Moss
Danielle Murphy
Sophie Murphy
Arthur Newman
Claudia Nicholls
Thomas Northmore
James Norton
Noel O’Brien
Samual Odusina
Mira Louise O’Keefe
Zack Olliffe
Harry O’Mara
Louise O’Regan
Mylor O’Shaughnessy
Brendan O’Shea
Udo Osuji
Zoe Packham-Smith
Emily Pain
Francesca Pammer
Christopher James Papaioannou
Johan Nicolai Paredes Alave
Daniel Parekh-Hill
Katherine Joanne Parker
David Parkinson
William Parrott
Saxon Pattenden
Lee Patton
Alfie Pavitt
Elliott Peach
James Peachey
Emma Peal
Marc Penn
Henry Penniall
Liam Pettinger
Elliott Philips
Christopher Phillips
Nicholas Phillips
Jefferson Patricio Piaún Sanchez
Rebecca Pike
Imogen Player
Robert Potts
Amelia Mae Powell
Jake Powell
Matthew Poyser
Ella Price
Rebecca Mary Prince
Laura Jane Prince
Yaroslav Pshenitsyn
Sheehan Darcy John Raby Quirke Jr
Michael Nicholas Rabaiotti
Stephen Raj
Iain Reid
Emma Richards
Cai Richards
Matthew Richards
Holly Richardson
Harry Alexander Rintoul
Debra Jane Roberts
Thomas Robertson
Hannah Rogers
Jack Alexander Rolton
Alex Rooke
Sean Rose
Alexander Rowson-Brown
Jessica Rumble
Katy Russell
Christopher Rutter
Samuel Ryan
Stuart Salter
Alex Sanders
Nicholas Sanderson
Imogen Sands
Jack Savage
Kieran Scarth
Ryan Schweitzer
Akram Sef
Eloise Selby
Larissa Shah
Claudia Shead
Thomas Sheat
Tyler Sherwood
Serena Shirley
Jaime Sim
Holly Simpson
Natasha Simpson
Jagjit Singh
Kate Emily Siredzuk
Sayankan Sivakumar
Jayshrie Sivananthan
Thomas Smith
Oliver Smith
Victoria Smith
Christopher Smith
Edward Smith
Adedoyin Sonibare
Alexandra Sotto
Naomi South
Benjamin Sparks
Francesca Sparks
Louis Sparrow
Ian Spencer
Charlie Spicer
Andrew Spicer
Liam Springfield
Nathan Sprittles
Elizabelle St Leger-Chambers
Jenna Stairs
Elise Standage
Hannah Staniforth
Bethany Starr
Elliot Stephenson
Caroline Stevens
Elizabeth Stewart
Luiza Stewart
Amber Stewart
Annie Strange
Fiona Stringer
Katie Struthers
Keval Suchak
Charlotte Sullivan
Ibrahim Syed
Barnaby Tagart
Michael Tagg
Emma Target
Megan Taylor
Abigail Taylor
Rob Taylor
George Tee
Matthew Thomas
Catrin Thomas
Fraiser Thomas
Paul Thomas
Claire Thompson
Edward Thompson
Matilda Thomson
Grant Tigwell
Jade Tinsley
Lydia Victoria Tomlinson
Luisana Toner
Eliot Trenery
Oliver Trigg
Emily Tucker-Prescott
Jessica Tunnard
Thomas Turner
John van Kesteren
Emily Vaughan-Wright
Michael Vereycken
Gary Vermeulen
Alexander Waddilove
Joseph Waldron
Shaun Walker
Tegan Walker
Benjamin Walkling
Sean Wallace
Martin Walls
Tom Ward
Sophie Wardlaw
Marcus Watkinson
Oliver Watson
Catherine Watson
Callum Watts
Jordan Weddepohl
Anna Louise Welsh
Katy Welsh
Fiona Eileen Westcough
Henry Wheeler
Samuel Wheway
Alfie Whitelock
Harley Widdowson
Liam Wigglesworth
Tom Wiggs
Harry Wilcox
Michael Wild
Cameron Wilkinson
Thomas Williams
Symchay V Williams
Simon Jonathan Williams
Freddie Wilson
Zoe Wilson
Jemima Wilson
Mary Wilson
Helen Katherine Grace Wilson
James Wincott
Jacqui Wong
Melissa Wong
Napassawan Wood
Jennifer Wood
Sarah Woolley
Annabel Wright
Suzanne Wyld
Benjamin Young
Anna Zahedi
Tobias Zukowskyj











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