Hall of Fame - London 25 March 2015

566 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on Wednesday 25th March at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh

Morning presentation

Throne Room – London

Presenter – Alice Beer, TV Presenter and Gold Award holder,

Alice told the Gold Award holders: “Don’t see your Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award as just another tick in the box. It will take you places; enable you to gain new experiences and progress in your career.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – South East

Presenter – Holly Walsh, Comedian and Gold Award holder

Holly told the Gold Award holders: “Massive congratulations on getting your Gold Awards. It’s a huge achievement and one worth celebrating. Doing my DofE taught me how to apply myself. I learnt how to push myself in a very practical way. It shows there’s more to life than academic success and I’m sure that’s a big reason employers and universities value the DofE as it demonstrates you’re going to turn up and muck in. If you have a passion, keep at it, keep plugging away because that’s what I did and I’m so glad I put in the groundwork.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – South East

Presenter – Elizabeth Yarnold MBE, Olympic Gold Medallist is Skeleton

Lizzy told the Gold Award holders: “Today is a huge celebration but it’s not the end; it’s the start of the next chapter and I hope you go on to even tougher challenges. A big congratulation to you all, what you’ve done is nothing less than awesome and a huge achievement.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – Central

Presenter – Katie Melua, Singer

Katie told the Gold Award holders: “It is so exciting to be here today. You have so many opportunities available to you and I know, as DofE Award holders, you’re not taking these for granted – you’re seeking out the possibilities and striving for them. My heartfelt congratulations go out to you. After you’ve left here remember you’re stepping in to Eden.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room – Wales

Presenter – Andy Jaye, Sports Presenter and Silver Award holder

Andy told the Gold Award holders: “The great thing about DofE is you make friends for life. Achieving a Gold DofE Award makes you stand out above and beyond everyone else. It is in part to my own DofE experiences that I have pursued a career in broadcasting and you should feel confident that your achievements will take you far in the future.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Entrée Room – Central

Presenter – Charlotte DuJardin OBE, Olympic Gold Medallist in Dressage

Charlotte told the Gold Award holders: “I would like to congratulate you all on your achievement, you’ll remember it for years to come. For me to achieve what I have it has taken a lot of dedication and hard work and I’m sure a lot of you will relate to that. Just always remember, that setbacks are part of reaching your goals. It’s how you learn from them and strive forward – that’s what makes you stronger and will prepare you for what’s to come. I wish you all that you wish for yourselves”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Queen Anne Room – North of England and Scotland

Matt Johnson, TV presenter

Matt told the Gold Award holders: “It’s always an absolute pleasure to be here on such an inspirational occasion. What you’ve achieved is incredible and your families should be massively proud of you. Your Gold DofE Award will open doors to jobs and the rest of your lives. Remember to enjoy the journey as well as focusing on the destination; you’re on the road to success.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Picture Gallery – The Air Training Corps

Presenter – Levison Wood, Explorer, Writer, Photographer and Gold Award Holder

Levison told the Gold Award holders: “It is fantastic to see so many of you collecting your Gold DofE Awards today; it was 14 years ago that I was collecting my own Gold Award. What you’ve achieved is really incredible and the skills and experience you’ve gained will certainly set you up for the careers and adventures that you have ahead of you.”

Download the list of Gold Award holders here.

Roll of honour: 25 March 2015

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 25 March 2015 at St. James’s Palace:




James Adams
Richard John Adams
Niamika Agrawal
Thomas James Albiston
Rosie Allenby
Osama Al-Saied
Laura Appleton
Georgina Armstrong
Alexia Arts
Georgia Arundell
Lucy Asbridge
Nicholas Ashurst
Laura Asnong
Emily Axford
Robert Bailey
Charlotte Bain
Harry Baker
Eleanor Ball
Oscar Bamford
Lucy Barlow Maynard
Helen Barnes
Rosie Barnes
Emma-Louise Barrett
Michael Barron
Luke Bartholomew
Aisha Bashir-Gwandu
Jevan Basi
Benjamin Bateman
Tobias Bateman
Christian Battley
Christopher Beaton
Paige Bedford
Lianna Beesley-Peck
Saira Begum
Oliver Bell
Emilia Belli
Fiona Bennell
Rosie Bennet
Jonathan Bennett
Paradelle Victor Princess Bery
Rhian Bethell
Shradha Bhagani
Luke Bibby
Anastasia Bickerton
Ashley Bird
Noah Blackmore
Christopher Blampied
Michael Bodie
Jonathan Bond
Harry Boniface
Rachel Elizabeth Bonser
Daniel Bowen
Tessa Boyd
Connor Edward Boyer
Zoe Bradley
Liam Brady
Hugh Braidwood
Ethan Bramble-Wilson
Matthew Bray
Benedict Brazier
Luke Breen
Laura Brennen
Samuel Brett
Ben Bridge
Phoebe Bright
Hannah Broad
Emily Brockwell
Krystyna Broda
Abbie Brooks
Alexander Brown
Georgia Brown
Rachael Brown
Tyler Brown
Melanie Brown
Luke Brumwell
Naomi Buckley
Nicholas Bull
Kieran Bull
Gareth Bull
Jack Burgess
Miles Burke
Emily Burleigh
Ryan Burns
Elin Caine
Laura Cairns
Christian Caldicott
Eleanor Campbell
Samantha Carine
Zartasht Carmichael
John Carpenter
Benedict Cartwright
Emmanuel Chaaraoui
James Edward Champion
Samuel Champion
Cheuk Nam Christopher Chan
Jenny Chaplin
Lee Chapman
Gurpreet Chawla
Matthew Chester
Lucy Chisnall
David Christian
Holly Christie
Jemima Churchhouse
Edward Clark
Annabelle Clarke
Kieren Clarke-Hill
Christopher Clemence
Alex Close
Sam Collier
Ben Collier
Alicia Collyear
Helen Colvin
Rose Esme Conman
Eleanor Conradie
Nicolas Constantino-Russell
Lucy Helena Cotgrove
Michael Cotterell
Alec Cottrell
Hannah Coulson
Joshua Coulthard
Sarah Cowans
Simon Cox
Sammie Jo Coxon
Ali Coyle
Lloyd Crawley
Phoebe Creswell
Sara Cross
Thomas Cross
Christopher Da Camara
Katie Dadswell
Nicholas Daly
Aisha Damarell
Fergus Darlow
Isabel David
Nathan Davies
Jemma Jane Davies
George Conor Davies
Sarah Lauren Davis
Hannah Debson
Anna Evelyn Denman
Charles Denton
Anya Denton
Rebecca Catherine Denyer
Alice Dewsnip
Alexander Dighton
Yordan Dimitrov
Vikash Dodhia
George Dolling
Louis Doran
Felicia Lauren Doubell
James Dougal
Monika Drabot
Kara Duncan
Charlotte Dunham
Jessica Dunkley
Andrea Ellinas
Sam Elliott
Philip Ellis
Jessica Errington
Ethan Errington
Abigail Erskine
Alexander Evans
Christopher Fairhurst
Aysha Falamarzi
Leah Falltrick
Rachel Louise Farr
Amy Fazakerley
Lucy Fazakerley
Oliver Felton
Rosalyn-Joyce Fisher
Kayleigh Fisher
Bethany Fitter
Nicola Fleming
Jordan Peter Fleming
Charles Flood
Alex Flynn
Daniel Foley
Calum Franks
Sophia Fricker
Owen Fry
Katherine Furnival
Alexander Fyfe
David James Galazin
Daniel Gannaway
Tex Garbutt
Daniel Gardham
Robert Garner
Grace George
Emma George
Mary Gibby
Laura Gilbert
Matthew Giles
Fraser Gill
David Gilmour
Hannah Glanville
Jordan Glanville
Anika Gnaneswaran
Michael Robert Godwin
Robert Graham
Tom Graves
Katrina Gray
Charlotte Grew
Ben Guile
Kurran Gujral
Benjamin Haddon
Matthew Hall
Joshua Hall
Katie Hall
Jessica Hall
Robert Hamilton
Ptolemy Hand
Stephanie Hands
Emma Hardy
Benjamin Hardy
Bethane Harland
James Harrington
Joseph Harrington
Natalie Harris
Hugh Harris
Stella Harrison
Ashleigh Harvey
Meg Harvey
George Hatto
Jacob Heath
Jack Hemsley
Charles Henderson
Rebecca Henshaw
Alexandria Heywood
Olivia Higgins
Tristan Hill
William Hines
Megan Hitchcock
Qian Hui Ho
Matthew Hoare
Matthew Hobson
Joseph Hodgson
Victoria Holder
Elizabeth Hole
Kate Hollands
Daniel Holmes
Katherine Hoolahan
Reece Hopkins
Charlie Hopkirk
Charlie Hornby
Daniel Horner
Liam Hosking
Amy Hough
David House
Emma Houston
Katie Houston
Alexandra Howe
Paul Charles Howes
Heather Hughes
Emma Catherine Hughes
Eleanor Hughes
Sarah Ihsan
Jennifer Ings
Lucy Iremonger
Hayley Jackson
Oliver James
Christopher Jarratt
Michal Jarzembowski
Toby Jeffries
Louis Jeffries
Matthew Jervis
Niall Johnson
Elizabeth Sarah Johnston
Gareth Jonas
Benjamin Jones
Evan Jones
Huw Jones
Elis Rhys Jones
Curran Kalha
Kez Kearns
Stacey Keegan
Niamh Kelly
James Kendall
Rory Kent
Vishay Kerai
Eleanor Kerr
Laurence-Elliot Jeremy Key
Holly Kilshaw
Yolanda King
Zoe Kirk
Emily Kiss
Riah Knowles-Brock
Nagarjun Konda
Eleanor Lancastle-Smith
Mamshad Laskar
Caitlin Lavin
Rebecca Lawrence
Melissa Lawton
Jessica Leary
Andrew Leavy
Mary Leese
Jessica Leighton
Daniel Lennard-Jones
Joseph Lethbridge
Caroline Lewis
Harrison Lewis
Sarah Jayne Liley
Shona Lindsay
Sean Linsdall
Philomena Lip
Alex Lipscomb
Perry Liu
James Warren Lloyd
Clodagh Lodge
Harry Loveridge
Amy Lovering
Amelia Luddington
Charlotte Lund
Louisa Lyons
Hannah Mabley
Alex Mackay
Lucy Mackie
Rhodri Maiden
Manesha Malhi
Declan Maloney
Lauren Mann
Aidan Mantho
Imogen Marshall
Daniel Marshall
Joshua Mason
Terence Maynard
Nicola McCabe
Peter Robert McCall
James McCarthy
Maddie McCollin
Karl McCormack
Sam McGinty
Craig McKee
Scott McKee
Matthew McKenna
Louisa McKinley
Zoe McLaren
James McMurtrie
Thomas McNamara
Amar Mehta
Andrew Meikle
Liam Mellott
Nathan Merryfield
Antoinette Merryfield
Thomas Merrylees
Almas Mia
Sarah Michael
Helen Middleton
Hannah Middleton
Callum Miles
Benjamin Miller
Erin Mills
Lorna Miri
Constance Rose Mitton
Ana-Sofia Monck
Conor Monighan
James Morgan
Joseph Mossop
Emma Mullarkey
Katherine Murphy
Peter Murphy
Ashley Murphy
Laura Murray
Freya Murray
Rebecca Myatt
Matthew Nahajski
Christine B. C. Navarro
Charlotte Naylor
Ayrton Nayyar
Philip Nelson
Chloe Newland
June Yuen Chun Ng
Iona Nicolson
Benjamin Nixon
Blake Noden
Ben Norcross
Omari Norman
Hannah Northam
Emma Nunn
Precious Nwaokomah
Chanel Ogden
Anna Sayoko Ogier
Samuel Ogilvy
Eleanor O’Grady
Elizabeth Oliver
Sarah O’Neill
Samuel Owen
Harley Owen
Matilda Page
Suzannah Jo Pagett
Tara Panicker
Jhon Henry Paredes Alave
Thomas Pascall
Roshni Patel
Gethin Pearce
Thomas Pemberton
Tania Pendreich
Thomas Penson
Joe Phillips
Richard Phillips
Kate Phillips
Bella Pickering
Jack Pickford
Daniel Piggott
Ellie Pilkington
Thomas Plant
Edward Julian Laurie Pode
Fergus Powell
Briony Jane Powell
James Pratley
Ben Preston
Emma Preston
Katie Pritchard
Hope Pritchard
Rowan Pritchett
Jonathan Rackham
Soorya Ramanj
Afham Raoof
Jessica Ratsey
Salman Razi
Pearl Read
Victoria Redwood
Stephanie Reeves
Emma Reeves
Max Reid
Samuel Reid
Owen David Leslie Renault
Thomas Richardson
Greg Riches
Thomas Rickards
William Ridge
Autumn Marie Elizabeth Roberts
Laura Roberts
Alasdair Robertson
Sadie Robertson
Rory Robson
Annabel Holly Rogan
Julia Roope
Derry Ross
Jack Rothwell
Emily Russell
Martin Rutherford
Laura Sandoval
James Sandy
Maneeka Sangha
Hannah Sargood
Stuti Sarin
Mehraan Sattar
Jenna Sendall
Sahil Shah
Hari Sharma
Oliver Sharp
Vasily Shenshin
Leah Sheppard
Sunil Singh Shergill
Supreet Sidhu
Richard Sievewright
Jack Skedge
Juliet Skidmore
Calum Slater
Frankie Slevin
Thomas Slingsby
Millie Smith
Joanne Smith
Kerry Smith
Laura Smith
Thomas Snape
Lucy Solloway
Rusheel Somaiya
Tatiana Spens
Kieran Spooner
Rukma Sridharan
Dominic Stanford
Rebekah Stanley
George Stannard
Richard Stavri
Melissa Steel
Alexander Stefanou
Michael Stera
Greg Stevens
Curtis Stiles
Robert Stirrat
Jasmine Stokes
Dean Storey
Kathryn Subak-Sharpe
Nathan Sutemire
Benjamin Sutton
James Taylor
Chris Taylor
Charlotte J Taylor
Jessica Taylor
Lewis Taylor
Lucy S.J Tearle
Meera Thakrar
Danny Thomas
William Thomas
Lucy Thompson
Emily Thomson
Aaron Thorp Johnson
Daniel Richard Thorpe
Tasmin Thumwood-Browning
Peter Ticehurst
Adam Robert Tonks
Cassandra Townsend
Lily Truman
Rupert Turnbull
Sam Twine
Miriam Clare Tyler
Natasha Vaghela
Sam Van de Velde
Eleanor Louise van der Zanden
Alexander Van Loggerenberg
Grace vanderVelde
Ruby Vanner
Keri Vaughan
Anthony Vijaykumar
Edward Vining
Imogen Vining
Victoria Volpe
Rahul Vora
Thomas Wade
Khalim Wagner
Rebecca Marian Walker
Jacob Walker
Rebecca Warburton
Emma Warburton
Hana Ward
Anne-Sophie Warner
Ralf Warren
Claire Watson
Charlotte Watson
Luke Watson
Henry Watson
Jill Watson
Hester Weaving
Tom Webb
Abigail Louise Webber
Alexandra Webster
Jennifer Helen Weeks
Matthew Whallett
William Wharton
Millie Wheatstone
Bethany White
Rhiannon White
Anastasia Whitehead
Lucy Whybrow
Sam Wickstead
Jack Wilby
Andrew Wild
Thomas Andrew Wilkinson
Jake Williams
Nia Williams
Joseph Williams
Sophie Williams
Beth Williams
James Wilson
Rhydian Windsor
Charles Winnan
Olivia Wojniak
Rebecca Wood
Mathieu Jonathan Wood
Felicity Woodcock
Tom Woods
Emma Worthington
Lee Wratten
Emily Wright
Charlie Zhong









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