Thursday 8th May 2014

363 young people collected their Gold Award certificates on 8 May at St James’s Palace in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Morning Presentation

Throne Room- London
Presenter- Chris Holmes, Paralympian

“It’s a real privilege to be amongst you all today. I know what it takes to achieve the Award and it’s no mean feat. You’ll remember this day for the rest of your lives and the skills you’ve learnt have given you a real edge. Take confidence from your Gold DofE Award and make your dreams happen. Congratulations!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- South East
Entrée Room – Leon McCarron, Adventurer

“The challenges you have faced and the fortitude you’ve had to show to achieve this award is fantastic. I encourage you to feel immense pride in getting your Gold Award, but also to see this not as the end of the journey, but rather as the beginning of a new journey; a journey in which you can go on to do the most amazing things in the future. Using the skills and lessons you have learned during the DofE, there are practically zero limits to what you can go on to do now.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- South East
Presenter- Inge Solheim, Polar Explorer and Adventurer

“I am very honoured to be here today. I built my confidence from my experiences and challenges. I believe anything is possible if you really want it. I want to congratulate you on your achievement. I hope you will go out and reach your goals.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery – The Scout Association
Presenter- Major Phil Packer, Scout Ambassador

“Congratulations to you all. It’s a great achievement to be here today. Giving something back is the best reward; by volunteering as part of your DofE you have helped to change lives. I hope you continue to go out and achieve.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – Central
Presenter- Jonathan Ross OBE, TV presenter

“I’ve been an admirer of the DofE for many years. Throughout this time I’ve met lots of people who’ve done it and they’re the type of people you’d like to know and employ – employers are always keen to meet people like you. I know the experience you’ve had will be an enormous benefit; it’s an incredible achievement, it’s exciting, impressive and fills me with a lot of hope for the future. You’re the best of your generation!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Afternoon Presentation

Throne Room- North East
Presenter- Richard Harpham, Adventurer

“The future is not defined by your past. You can truly be whatever you choose to be and go on to achieve great things!”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Entrée Room- Wales
Presenter- Emily Bell, Adventurer

“The DofE showed me that I was so much more capable than I realised. I went on to become the first girl to kayak the length of Britain, having never kayaked before. You should all be very proud of yourselves. You can go on to achieve absolutely anything you want.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Queen Anne Room- South West
Presenter- Sally Gunnell, Olympian

“I want to congratulate you all. I hope you will remember this day for years to come. It’s not easy what you have done – there are tough challenges involved. Sometimes it’s not until you achieve something that you can look back at exactly what skills and effort it took to reach your goal. Congratulations.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Picture Gallery- The Scout Association
Presenter- Alice Beer, TV Presenter

“If you lined up a group of young people you can tell who’s achieved a DofE Award. They’re enthusiastic, committed and tenacious. Doing my DofE changed my destiny; not only did it help me engineer opportunities in my life, it also helped me to embrace and make a success of them. Don’t let go of the DofE and it won’t let go of you, keep going on your journey and be proud of being a DofE Gold Award Holder.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Banquet Room – North West
Presenter- Shayne Ward, Singer

“Congratulations. What you have achieved in order to be here today is incredible. Take what you have learnt and don’t be afraid to take chances.”

Download the list of Gold Award Holders in this room

Roll of Honour: 8 May 2014

Here’s all those from across the UK who were presented with their Gold DofE Awards on 8 May 2014 at St. James’s Palace:



Francesca Adams
Oliver Ainley
Heather Allan
Robert Allan
Bethany Allen
Ryan Allen
Tanisha Anand
Emily Anderson
Hayley Anderson
Lucy Anderson
Edward Andrew
Kathryn Andrew
Robert Andrew
Robyn Andrew
Emily Angell
Matthew Angove
Samuel Armfield
Simon Arnold
Thomas Arnold
Eshan Ashcroft
Mark Aspin
Laura Atkins
Henry Atkinson
Victoria Atkinson
Jason Attwood
Matthew Ross Axbey
Peter James Bacon
Reece Bahia
Elizabeth Bailey
Chet Baines
Richard Ball
Lewis Ballantine
Imogen Clare Bambrough Stimson
Adam James Barnes
Xander Barnes
Kevin Barnes
Georgina Mary Barnhurst
Thomas Barringer
Charles Barrowcliff
Nikita Bascombe
Adam Bateman
Jack Bates
Joseph Murphy Battle
Jordan Drew Batty
Megan Baylis
Oliver Bazire
Rianna Beaton
Phoebe Beckett
George Beechener
Tamanna Begum
Amy Behn
Sami Belhadj
Heather Bell
Joseph Benians
Marie-Christine Berger
Sophie Beswick
Georgina Biggs
Emily Bilby
Alexander Bird
Susannah Mackinlay Black
Katy Blake
Paul Boardman
Leanna Bold
Oliver Bolland
Samuel Lyndon Bolton
Francesca Bonafin
Elysia Booker
Kathryn Bottle
Robert Bottle
Aubrey Bound
Robert James Bourne
Zoe Bourne
Kelly Bowden
Hannah Bowley
Bryony Bowman
Ehren Bree
Helen Briggs
Anna Brigham
Rosie Brigham
Ellie Brittain-Long
Adam Broadbent
Christian Broadhurst
Anthony Bromley
James Brooker
Jessica Brooker
Charlotte Brooksbank
Christopher Brown
Ronan Brown
Will Brown
Joshua Bruton
Aysha Bryant
James Bryant
Jamie Bryant
Emma Buisseret
Joseph Bullock
Samuel Bunday
Siobhan Burne
Lewis Burnham
Jenna Bury
Brendan Cahill
Claudia Caiafa
David Campbell
Amber Capewell
Yin Chun Chan
Lucy Charatan
Rayhan Mehmood Chaudhry
Sarah Cherry
Ross Christie
Joanna Clark
Katherine Clark
Stephanie Clarke
Joseph Clayden-Wall
Amelia Clegg
William Clement
Emma Clinch
Harry Cobbold
George Cole
Laura Ellen Elizabeth Cole
Sarah Elizabeth Cole
Charlotte Coleman
Sam Colley
Joshua Jones Collier
Philip Collier
Harry Collinge
Emma Collins
Steven Collins
Rebecca Compton
Ellie Cooper
George Cooper
Matthew Ryan John Corish
Samuel Cornick
Laura Cossey
Abigail Coulter
Sarah Jorge Cowie
Philip Cox
Thomas Cox
Chloe Craven
Tabitha Cresswell
Jake Cripwell
Jack Culpin
Grace Curson
Mark Christopher Dale
Josephine Daman
Heather Damian
James Dance
Alexander Dando
John Daoud
Sebastian Darby
Jennifer Amy Davidson
Rachel Davidson
Abygail Davies
Joshua Davies
Matthew Philip Davies
Olivia Davy
Thomas Dawes
Annabel Dawson
John Deasy
Eleanor Deaville
Nicholas Deeble
Spencer Delf
Holly Anne Dent
Kieran Dewsnap
Neha Dhariwal
Sumeet Dhillon
Benjamin Diver
James Dixon
Rowan Doherty
Kay Elizabeth Beatrice Doncom
Jonathan Donnelly
Emma Jane Dove
Trevor Downes
Katherine Dowsett
Samuel Duffield
William Dulley
James Duncan
Hamish Dunn
Niamh Dunne
Ruairi Dunne
Alexandra Durston
Lucas Dwyer
Daniel James Dyson
Hannah Scarlett Earp
Daniel Edmondson
Jordan Edmondson
Karl Edwards
Rebecca Jane Edwards
Sean Craig Kenneth Edwards
Simon John Edwards
Natasha Eeles
Sarah Rachel Elliott
Christopher Ellis
Jonathan Emery
Jean-Daniel Estrach
Maria Etheredge
Lorin Everall
Saaber Fatehi
Alex Fenton
Stephen Ferry
Ewan Ross Fletcher
Rhys Ford
Max Fordham
Hayley Forrester
Olly Foster
Connor Frain
Jonty Max Freeman
Daniel Freemantle
Timothy Alexander French
Harry Frost
Nicola Emily Gallagher
Olivia Geary
Rhianna Gerry
Alexander Gibbins
Holly Gibbons
James Gibling
Alice Gilbert
Georgina Gillott
Ayesha Girach
James Girling
Joanna Gledhill
Eleanor Glynn
Edward Goddard
Louise Godding
Steven Godwin
Salil Gokhale
Daniel Goodwin
Liam Gordon
Nicholas James Gordon
Charlotte Grantham
Spenser Gray
Steven Grebot
Jennifer Green
Sarah Greener
Thomas Greenfield
Jerzy Griffiths
Courtney Groves
Daniel James Gulliford
Kalokson Gurung
Henry Gwynn-Thomas
Amy Gwyther
Liam Mathew Sheldon Hale
Charlotte Hall
Robert Hall
Rosie Hall
Sara Hall
Claire Hallam
Katie Halls
Liam Hancox
Jonathan Haney
Hardeep Singh Hans
Alexander Hargreaves
Angus Hargreaves
Charlotte Harold
Tristan Harper
Sam Harrison
Benjamin Hart
Matthew Hartell
Samuel Langford Harvey
George Haslam
Samuel Haslam
Natalie Hati-Kakoty
Anna Haughton
George Hawker
Rebecca Hawkey
Mark Haysom
Luke Herbert
Maria Herbert
Sophie Herrington
Daniel Hilton
Lloyd James Hitchings-Hales
Kenneth Hodcroft
Issy Hodgkiss
Pennie Hodgson
Rachel Hodgson
Daniela Hofer
Carley Hollis
Luke Samuel Holmes
Peter Thomas Hooton
Emily Hopgood
Rachel Hopkins
Alex Hopwood
Sarah Louise Horst
Matthew Hoskin
Benjamin Hoskings
Amy Hoskins
Jessica Howard
Anna Howes
Daniel Hudson
Kathryn Hughes
Martha Hughes
Sion Hughes
William Hughes
Mohammed Ismaeel Hussain
Marius Daniel Hutcheson
Francesca Rose Igoe
Jacob Ingold
Johanna Inhester
Mark Irvine
Saif Islam
Sam Jacob
Akhil Jadeja
Rebecca James
Heather Jeffery
Sarah Jenkins
Eleanor John
Gwendolen Johns
Christopher Johnson
Jamie Johnson
Kerry Johnson
Owen Johnson
Hannah Louise Jolly
Andrew Jones
Bethan Jones
Caryl Jones
Christopher Jones
Gemma Jones
Kyle Jones
Lauren Jones
Oliver Jones
Robert Jones
Jack Jones-Scrutton
Connor Jordan
Adam Kania
Emma Kendell
Kieran Kent
Samuel Kersley
Nada Khalil
Talbot Kingsbury
Tom Kirwan
Annabel Kitching
James Klee
Adam Knoetze
Jane Kurth
Roseanna Kyrke-Smith
Daniel Lackey
Zoe Lambert
Andrew Lane
Curtis Richard Lane
Ryan John Lane
Sarah Louise Lang
Jessica Langley-Hunt
Samuel Langrick
Thomas Langrick
Harry Latham
Alex Lavallin
Arthur Law
George Lawrence
Henry Lee
James Lee
Nicolas Leeuwis
Jessica Kate Leigh
Rhiannon Sara Leopold
Cameron Lindley
Charlotte Little
Esme Littlefair
Andrew Long
Emily Long
Benjamin Longman
Meg Longman
Elizabeth Lowe
Joanna Lumb
Paul Macdonald
Michael John MacFadyen
Grace Madden
Jonathan William Mailes
Catherine Manners
Kate Marriott
Georgia Marshall
Laurence Marshall
Stephen Marshall
Nicola Marston
Clare Martin
Ajay Masharani
Harry Massingham
Rosanna Maxwell
Thea Maxwell
Nuala McBride
Claire Louise McCarthy
Robert McCauley
Andrea McDougall
Sarah Alexandra McEwan
Alex McGaughey
Caitlin McGiveron
Ruaridh McGowan
Katie McKinnon
Lucy McLauchlan
Naomi McLoughlin
Matthew Mead
Dan Meads
Rogelio Medina
Rebecca Louise Meegan
Simon William Meredith
Charles Hugh Merry
Alexia Michaelides
Jack Middleton
Imogen Miles
Daniel Miller
Andrew Richard Milligan
Gemma Mills
Joshua Andrew Mills
Vivek Mistry
Andrew Mitchell
Angus Mitchell
Samuel Mitchell
Laura-Marie Miucci
Claire Mollart
Rebecca Mollart
Hannah Molloy
James Ernest Montgomery
George Moody
Matthew Edward Marston Moore
Haley Morgan
Joshua Morgan-Hobbs
Adam Mori
Hannah Jane Morris
Christopher Mueller
Caitlan Murison
Adam Murphy
Russell Myatt
Abigail Myles
Emily Nash
Robert Paul Naylor
Elliot Nelson
Rachel Nethercott
Georgina Nicholl
Christopher Nolan
Harriet Mary Nolan
Holly Norris
Georgia O’Connor
Elizabeth Oldbury
Daniel Orford
Andrew Organ
Hugh O’Shea
Patrick Osmond
Elizabeth Pace
Christopher Padgett
Bryony Page
Hina Pajwani
Victoria Sarah Palmer
Virenkumar Pandya
Bethan Parfitt
Chloe Parford
Benjamin Parker
Samantha Parkhouse
Samuel Jack Parsons
Thomas Partridge
Zoe Pascoe-Burd
Jainil R Patel
Nikita Patel
Ronak Patel
Shanil Patel
Vishal Patel
Yasumati Patel
Joshua Patterson
Emma Pearce
Chloë Marie Peel
Deanna Pengelly
Alexandra Mae Penniston
Alexander Perham-Marchant
Boris Petri
Ethan Petrou
Amy Phillpotts
Rebecca Philpot
Luke Pickard
Ross Pickersgill
Ruth Pike
Adam Pittman
Leah Pittman
Caitlin Anne Lloyd Place
Matthew Podmore
Paul Porretta
Lewis Powell
William Poyser
Ruth Presland
Helena Georgina Prettyman
Charlotte Pritchard
Daniel Pritchard
Gwenllian Pugh-Jones
Joshua Pulman
Theo Quarendon
Alex Quinlan
Jennifer Quinn
Stephen Anthony Quinn
Joshua Racey
Samiur Rahman
Laura Ramsay
Georgina Rea
Ian Reddington
Russell Redhead
Charlotte Redstone
Kathryn Reece
Sarah Reeves
Olivia Charlotte Saskia Regan
Emily Renwick
Nida Riaz
Franklyn Richards
Naomi Richardson
Hannah Richins
Hannah Rickards
Bethany Riddington
Adam Rigby
Lucie Risebrow-Wright
Alice Roberts
Grant Roberts
Nicholas Robinson
Robert Robinson
Sophie Robinson
Charlotte Romans
Chris Rosier
James Rossi
Kirsty Ross-Stewart
Benjamin Rothery
Simon Roux
Robert Rowney
Cameron John Chalmers Rudd
Harry Runnacles
Daleep Singh Rupra
Elena Russell
David John Rutter
Annabel Sadler
Elena Sagrott
Imraan Saleem
Edward Salisbury
Heather Sampson
Francesca Sanders
Stephanie Sanderson
Matthew Sarfas
Shasiharan Sathanandan
Robin Saunders
Alex Sawford
Kieran Sawford
Abigail Schofield
Charlotte Anne Scott
Olivia Scott
Thomas James Scott
Joshua Seetanah
Hester Annabelle Seymour
Manil Shah
Farah Shair
Imogen Shaw
Rebecca Shaw
Amy Elizabeth Shelley
Clare Shepherd
Shuhani Shohid
Joe Sibley
Jonathan Simm
Mark Simpson
Calum Sinclair
June Singkaew
Stephen Smallman
Christopher Smart
Austin James Worrall Smith
Eleanor Smith
Julia Grace Robilliard Smith
Laura Smith
Louis Smith
James Anthony Snape
Alka Sobti
Owain Sparrey
Jacob Spencer
Abigail Spencer-Lane
Alexandra Charlotte Stafford
Victoria Stafford
Benjamin McInnes Steele
Katie Stephenson
Robyn Stewart
Coco Story
Lucia Suggitt
Matthew Suggitt
Lara Sullivan
Jordan Sutcliffe
Jonathan Sutton
Michael Sutton
Rosie Swinhoe
Kate Sykes
Murray Tabeart
Melanie Sue Lyn Tan
Alexander Tapply
Eleanor Taverner
Clair Taylor
Matthew Taylor
Rebecca Taylor
Richard Taylor
Tara Thakkar
Katherine Theobald
Cassandra Thomas
Christopher Thomas
Elen Thomas
Elen Thomas
James Thomas
Lawrence Thomas
Nadine Thomas
Robert Thomas
Emma Thompson
Harry Thompson
Katie Thompson
Luke Thornton
Rebecca Thornton
Olivia Tilton
Chris Timmins
Sebastian Timmis
Emma Tivey
Mark Towers
Ashley Townsend
Meghann Tregidon-Bellew
Manav Trivedi
Rosemary Tuthill
Daniel Tyler
Aruna Ubhi
Richard J D Underwood
Patrick van Breugel
Jennifer Vero
Huw Viggers
Frederick Vincent
Nadir Wahab
Shahid Wahab
Jamie Wakeham
Ben Walker
Bryony Ruth Walker
Charles Adam walker
Gemma Walker
Scott James Wallace
Nicola Ward
Christian Warner
Hannah Warren
Lloyd Warren
Phillipa Claire Warren
Kathryn Watson
Stewart Watson
Henry Watt
Laura Wattiau
Freddie Watts
Gemma Watts
Clare Webb
Heidi Webb
Jasper Webb
Kathleen Sheila Webb
Toby Wegg
Katherine Rose Welch
Jack Wellings
Bethany Jayne Welsh
Lauren Jane Welsh
Ryan West
Harriet Wheeler
Robert Wheelhouse
Alexandra Wherry
Edward White
Harry White
Sarah Elizabeth White
Rachel Wilcock
Bethany Wildash
Jasmine Wilkinson
Alexander David Williams
Alexander Williams
Hannah Williams
Kathryn Williams
Rachel Williams
Hugh Williamson
George Willmer
Toby Willson
Andy Wilson
Benjamin Wilson
George James Urquhart Wilson
Matthew Wilson
Rachael Wilson
Samuel Wilson
Peter Winch
Emma Winder
Jonathan Paul Witts
Alexander Wong
Terry Tsz Chun Wong
Harry Wood
Matthew Wood
Toni-Ann Wood
William Woodford
Callum Woods
Peter Woodward
Alexandra Wookey
Kieran Woolcock
Sarah Woollatt
Oliver Wright
Ethan Youel
Tim Young
Jack Youngs
Thomas Yudin
Graeme Zaple  







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