Northern Ireland training

Details of the courses that we offer are available on the Opportunity Finder and below.

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Introduction to the DofE/JAI

The Introduction to the DofE/JAI training course will provide you with the information needed to be a DofE/JAI Leader and run DofE/JAI programmes within a centre. It will increase your confidence in how to deliver quality DofE/JAI programmes to young people and help develop your knowledge of the DofE/JAI as a whole.

It is suitable for new DofE/JAI Leaders as well as existing Leaders who want to improve their DofE/JAI knowledge.

Delegates must have completed the online e-induction module prior to attending the course. All delegates will be provided with a new 7th edition Handbook for DofE Leaders, which is included in the cost of the course.

Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme

The Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme (EAAS) provides the opportunity for new Expedition Assessors to become accredited by the DofE and nationally recognised. The programme has been designed to provide Expedition Assessors with a clear and consistent understanding of their role and responsibilities.

Those applying to join EAAS must be at least 18 years old and have appropriate outdoor skills or qualifications where required, the relevant disclosure for regulated activity and adhere to Licensed Organisation (LO)/Wild Country Expedition Network/Assessor Network (AN) or Approved Activity Provider (AAP) safeguarding policies. The cost of the course includes a copy of The Expedition Guide.

Prior to attending the course, delegates must have completed the online e-induction and e-learning modules and if wishing to assess Gold expeditions or Bronze/Silver expeditions in wild country, the Gold module online learning. We would also strongly encourage delegates to complete the EAAS application form (EAAS/3) which must be endorsed and signed by your LO’s DofE Manager, Wild Country Panel/AN Co-ordinator or AAP Manager and submitted to the DofE/JAI Office along the letters of completion for the online training.

Expedition Supervisors Training Course (ESTC)

This course will provide a pathway for both existing and new Expedition Supervisors and covers an understanding of the role of the Expedition Supervisor, Assessor and other adults involved in the delivery of the Expedition section, the process of remote supervision, the importance of emergency procedures and the duty of care held by the Supervisor.

Prior to attending the course, delegates must have completed the online e-induction, been approved by their LO or AAP and have sufficient technical competence to undertake the practical elements of the course i.e. basic navigation and camp craft skills. It is strongly advised that you ensure that you have the approval of your LO’s DofE Manager or AAP Manager before booking.

Each LO/AAP will need to ensure that potential Expedition Supervisors have the appropriate technical skills and people skills. Please note that completion of this course does not entitle a delegate to supervise DofE/JAI expeditions. This authorisation is given by each DofE/JAI LO/AAP in accordance with their guidelines and requirements.